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Not asian. She should put on some shorts or pants.

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Looks mixed to me.

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Looks like Liv Tyler’s secret daughter without pants. I don’t see Asian at all.

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She can’t be both? Eurasian is a thing, you know. Has been for… well, pretty much forever, in terms of human civilization.

It’s also hard to be certain if she has made herself up to appear more Asian than she may really be. I would have to see a photo of her with no makeup (and no clothes) to be certain.

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Looks white to me.

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I would say she_may have_ some Asian in her wok pot, but she is not more than 60% Asian. She is just fine the way she is from the top of her head to her feet, attire and all. If she is your girl you best do all you can to get a ring on it.

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Could be mixed race, but looks Caucasian on the surface.

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Yes, some Asian in there.

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White to me.

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I have olive skin but I am a white person except one of my greatgranpas was from Asian tribes called Tatars and I got his eyes. So I am white but have Asian eyes.

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You have lot of Scand. people who have slanted Asian looking eyes, one of my girlfriends is one of them. She has slanted blue eyes and platinum hair, she is Danish.

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White or Mexican.

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White with a little bit of Middle Eastern?

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