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What's your biggest personal challenge this year?

Asked by PupnTaco (13895points) July 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

…and how are you dealing with it?

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Answering this question well. I really don’t have a lot going on at the minute.

I think I failed :(

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Trying to focus on work while dealing with a cluster of family crises and a potential job layoff.

How am I dealing with it? Not so well. I am very stressed. I have a tendency to abandon my good coping mechanisms for bad ones.

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Life (not the board game).

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not there yet, but I have to decide my major by the end of this year or else I’ll have no more classes to take!

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Balancing work and two college courses while trying to keep from getting too restless.
So far so good. I’m still employed, haven’t failed any modules and I’m still here.

The biggest challenge will no doubt come later this year when writing my management research report.

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Disciplining myself, here’s one example As for how I am dealing so far: not too well. My “discipline schedule” is erratic. I go through few days of doing things on time, staying organized etc and then days of going back to my old self. Though this is still better than only having days of bad sleeping schedules, procrastinating etc. And the year isn’t over, so there’s still hope. Hey, I’ll take what I can get :)

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Moving across country to be closer my daughter and her unborn son before he is grown enough to come and get me himself!

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Eating healthier and getting back into shape

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I work in social services. For those of you who know nothing about the “system”; it is corrupt, inept, full of lazy, ignorant, and sometimes malignant people, and completely unable to successfully complete it’s mission. This summer I’ve spent my time trying to navigate through the morass, so that at least I can personally try to do the best I can to meet the needs of my clients. This is neither easy or fun. Woo hoo! Fun times for me!

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Balancing work, college, and a normal life the best way possible (I fail every year :s)

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@rockstar, you and me both

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Mom’s health. Brought her over from PR to take care of some issues myself (new glasses, check!) while she vacations and does a bit of well deserved R&R.

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My husband died and I can’t function. I stay on fluther all the time because
it’s contact I can handle. I email. But I can’t stand to be around people much.
I just want to be with him.

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(((susanc )))

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giving up and letting go of the people/things that treat you badly.

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waking up

seriously, my hours flutuate so much, it’s a daily challenge

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watching my daughter grow up and go to college in another city. letting go.

i cried a bit. then realized this was what I was raising her to do. be her own person.

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