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Do you guys have blogs?

Asked by maximus (6points) July 23rd, 2008

I’ll you mine if you show me yours ;-)

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I know it’s been asked in the past. Isn’t it okay to want to engage a current discussion on something and not look at old questions, though?

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Well, I mean, it was just asked two weeks ago. I know the Internet moves fast, but it’s not like it’s gotten really old at this point.

Furthermore, you can provide updates to older material and those folks following it will be alerted to the additional quip.

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Yep, like 15. I update them once and abandon them.

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It’s always best to contribute to an existing question in my opinion. It’s not like the old questions disappear.

Maybe if there was a view option to show all recently answered questions and not just recently asked questions…..?

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Ziked – micro-blog

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Ah, micro-blogging. In that case, here’s mine.

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I have three.

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