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What must I see and/or do in Mazatlan?

Asked by left3rd (21points) July 23rd, 2008

I’m headed to Mazatlan in September. It’ll be my first trip to Mexico. What are the “musts” for Mazatlan? Places to see? Restaurants you’d recommend? Beaches I simply must go to? Places to avoid?

I do like snorkeling. I’m not into the bar scene.

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If you like snorkeling, be sure and do a trip to the islands. For beaches, it depends on your style. If you want to be where all the action and everyone is, go to Playa Gaviotas. A little less traveled and where the locals go is Playa Olas Atlas.

If you decide to leave the beach go to the top of lookout hill, where there is an observatory from 1874. You will probably also enjoy the Market for shopping.

Have a great trip.

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Joe’s Oyster bar, the beach in front of Playa Mazatlan (hotel), go to the old town, taxi to Cafe Pacifico (awesome food), and stay at the El Cid resort if possible. I lived in Maz for 2 yrs and have been there 14 times. Careful, my friend is a waiter at Senior Frogs and he said that the bartenders spike drinks there—they do. Go there and order beer with the top on. Em me for more info

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that white building on the rocks above the beach that looks like a church – it’s actually 3 or 4 bars/clubs. That’s pretty much all I saw.

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