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Do you still use web apps?

Asked by berocky1 (698points) July 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

I only use fluther!

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I just joined yesterday and I’m already pretty much addicted to Fluther…

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I still use Scenario Poker, Google Reader and Facebook. has free magazines, which I’m sure I’ll use someday to stave off boredom.

I like’s iphone interface.

I’ll probably use’s interface more when ski season rolls around.

Mobile banking.

Fluther, of course.

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@ kevbo. U don’t like the native face book app?

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Fluther, still, obviously. Campfire, too.

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@berocky1 Haven’t tried it yet. I use FB infrequently, so it’s good enough for now, but I’ll check it out.

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The fbook app isn’t bad. I replaced the web app with it. I think it probably saves a little time because it doesn’t have to download the interface and Facebook logos and what not.

I still use Fluther, but it’s almost like a glorified bookmark. And, do mean that in the best possible way. Other than Fluther I think I trashed the rest and started over.

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I use fluther and digg only when it comes to web apps

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I use “the parking lot” game still

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Now that I have 3G (woohoo!), I find the webapps WAY more palitable. The 3G iPhone also seems faster at rendering and things like Javascript. So, actually, I think many webapps are better than the native apps. For example, NewsGator (the webapp) is better than NetNewsWire (native) in both features and speed, IMO. Fluther doesn’t need a native app, as it’s a great webapp as is. And I still prefer FlickIM or BeeJive to the native AIM client. I’m also still finding many webapps on Launchrz interesting.

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besides fluther the only other web app on my phone is flytunes. But Maverick is right: 3G makes using web apps much more practical now.

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