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What is the general American perception of the Masters of Hardcore and gabber style music?

Asked by fullclip (70points) July 23rd, 2008

I love gabber music to death and when I get to an appropriate age I want to go to a Masters of Hardcore event. I know that thousands of people go to them and its definitely going to be an overwhelming experience, but is it safe? If you are American, have you ever been to one? What was the atmosphere like? Because I don’t want it turn out like some crappy horror movie of me getting murdered in the Netherlands or something. That would suck.

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I’ve never been to anything like that myself.
I have, however, heard some pretty nasty stuff about events like that.
I highly doubt you’ll be murdered or anything, although I’ve heard it can get violent and chaotic.

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link for other old farts like me who don’t know what gabber is.

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gahh i’m sorry for not giving a link. mea culpa.

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It’s ok. I got to exercise my google finger!!

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Just don’t go in your day-glo candy raver garb and you’ll be okay…can’t imagine it much worse than any other massive, other than the darker themed content…

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no worry. i’m not a day glo kid. i look totally normal when i rave. well other than the fact that i’m raving.

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It looks awesome…I know gabba’s still really big out there. I’ve rocked some massives that had hardcore rooms and they’re definitely the “amped” up rooms of the party. That and Drum n’ Bass/Jungle stages…have fun and be safe.

In a ‘former’ life I was big into DJ Tron (really really long time ago!)...rock on.

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I recently heard that DJ Tron died. =(

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Aww…that sucks. He was a pioneer in hardcore (we’re talking 10–12 years ago)...that’s how old I am fyi.

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haha i’m not even legal yet. thats why i am taking precautions with going to europe to experience hardcore. i have a folder on info about it. so when i graduate from high school without having a general idea of what i’m going to be doing. and i’m going to take a few of my close friends with me for sure. safety in numbers!

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