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Is gravity a renewable resource?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24589points) November 21st, 2015

Can gravity run out at sometime? Or is it an endless resource that can be harvested?

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Renewable? What “exhausts” or diminishes it? If a falling stream drives a water wheel, the water might dry up, but you will wait a long time for the day when a single drop fails to fall or even falls more slowly.

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Gravity is a force, not a resource. It is neither created nor destroyed. As long as things have mass, they will have gravitational pull.

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But don’t you think it an intriguing angle from which to approach a phenomenon we as yet don’t fully understand? I mean since the 2 determinants for the strength of the force are mass and distance under Newton, Einstein changed things to mass distorting space. And everyone’s busy sniffing out other theories, so who knows?

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I’m not terribly intrigued at the prospect of thinking of something that isn’t actually a “thing” as something that can be consumed and recreated, no.

That’s how we get American politicians saying things like wind power will cause global warming by stopping the breeze from blowing.

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The nearest I can come to thinking of gravity as a resource is tidal power which comes from the moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans. It isn’t gravity itself but the dynamics of the moon’s orbit around the earth that is the source of the energy and though it will last a very very long time it is not inexhaustible.

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No, it is a constant. Unless the Earth should shatter beneath your feet. It can’t be harvested or stored. And why would one want to?

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Though it is an endless resource, I don’t think gravity can be harnessed. Has anyone got some new tech for that?

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Gravity is harnessed in hydro electric dams.

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