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Are all Coffee makers the Same?

Asked by majorrich (14741points) November 21st, 2015

When putting coffee in the large quantity (40–80 cup) percolator coffee makers, is the amount of coffee for the relative amounts the same regardless of manufacturer? I am a non coffee drinker and there is only instructions about amounts on one of the 4 coffee makers.

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If you want to drink swill, use a percolator. If you want to drink coffee use a drip maker. If you want to experience life use a french press (please don’t use fucking Folgers, find a local roaster) Use the amount that makes it taste the best for you. This will require experimentation, or a Keurig machine for a “baseline” that most Americans are used to.

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Different brands of coffee makers that are of the same style use the same amount of grounds. A percolator (do they even make them any more) uses less than a drip coffeemaker. And a drip uses more than press pot, but at a different grind.

I have used drip styles for many year. For an eight cup pot I use five full 1/8 cup measures of beans, then grind it. For a four cup press pot, I use four scoops.

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My church has 5 of them. 80 cups apiece. Vast quantities of coffee!

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The quick answer is YES. Each percolator may have a different heating element, different shape, etc., but they are all fundamentally the same in that you have ‘x’ amount of water and ‘y’ amount of coffee.

So follow the instructions, you’ll do fine.

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I buy the cheapest drip coffee maker made, Mr. Coffee, which last for years. I also buy the cheapest coffee, 8 O-Clock (Consumer Reports rates it the worst). I use a half-cup of coffee beans and grind it to a powder just before brewing. The pot makes 12 5-ounce cups, which I immediately pour into a carafe. Usually there is about 12-ounces left over night that reheated in the morning still tastes pretty good. Though better coffee brands will make better coffee (I buy one at holidays), maybe I buy 8 O-Clock because I am fugal or because it is the same brand that my parents used.

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I love 8 o’Clock Coffee. Of course, that’s what my dad drank, so that’s what I’ve always thought of as coffee.

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French press makes the best coffee. The reason why is that since it uses no paper filters, the oil from the bean goes into the coffee, giving it lots of body and fullness. I have French presses but I use a Keurig daily for the convenience. I get Kirkland (Costco) brand, about 100 K-cups for about 30 bucks. I get the dark roast. Paul Newman also makes good coffee in K-cups, and that’s also at Costco.

At work, I have a small drip maker and I use whatever is on sale. Maxwell House, Martinson’s, whatever. I have so much coffee at work that I am not allowing myself to buy more until I deplete my store significantly.

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