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What do you make of this situation? Am I being followed by the CIA?

Asked by Ansible1 (4841points) July 14th, 2009

I was driving to my buddies house, stopped to get gas, briefly chatted with the clerk (she knows me i am a regular) and about 3 hours later returned to the same gas station to grab a case of beer, when I walked in the clerk immediately said: “omg are you ok!? did anyone get you!?”... I was like “what are you talking about?” She then explained: “when you were in here earlier did you notice the man standing next to the coffee machine? well as soon as you left he got on his cell phone and whoever he was talking to he told them your description, make&model of your car, license plate and what direction you were headed.” I asked if it was one of their plain clothes police officers that they sometimes have monitoring and she said no he wasn’t on that night…I found this extremely odd..I’m not an ex-felon, never been arrested, I have a theory why they (CIA) might have an interest in me (if that’s the case) but am reluctant to say specifically…or maybe they thought I was someone else idk….anyone have any thoughts?

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The clerk was fucking with you. I’m actually kinda pissed I didn’t think of doing that to customers first.

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…we don’t speak of them on Fluther!

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I’d like to hear your theory of why the CIA might have an interest in you… PM?

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We are definitely, positively NOT following you. Seriously

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Look, now that you are on Fluther, you just have to get used to it.

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@Ansible1 – see, and you probably thought I was kidding!

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yes they are check your home for recording equipment

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Four of the people who have answered this question are with them.
I cannot disclose which four at this time.
Meet me on the Is God Gay question.

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shhhh don’t tell

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Most people aren’t important enough to to be followed by the CIA for any reason.

I think it’s far more likely that the clerk may be trippin’.
Seriously, don’t listen to store clerks rants about the CIA.

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Ok I will PM you, it’s just a theory but it’s something I wouldn’t put past the U.S. gov. to do…

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btw, the CIA are not supposed to operate inside the US. That is the FBI’s job. And they are a bunch of fuck-ups.

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@Ansible1, that happened to a friend of mine. They eventually got him.

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I’d really like a PM as well….my curiosity is now peeked.

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I woudn’t want to know…

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Excuse me. My new friends have taught me the value of the heroic work done by the FBI.
help me

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I wouldn’t ask for a PM. If he tells you he’ll have to kill you.

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Have you been taking your meds?

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Roger that. Pm’s sent, i’m open to any speculation….

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ok now I wanna know, please

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It was me. I just thought you were cute.

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lol i so wish that were the case

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I think I need a PM as well, to help you.

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Ok, now I need a PM. Just to help…

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I asked for one too

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ha ok, more Pm’s going out….seriously i’m open to any speculation, would you not be weirded out if you were me?

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I want a PM too!
I’ll also take an AM, and a nooner ;)
Seriously though, PM me too please.

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Sounds more like FBI.

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I find it even weirder that @CIA added you to their Fluther…

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Maybe you should just give them a ring one day, and ask them “what’s new?”

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PM please!

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How did I miss all this?! Put me in line for a PM please…

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My curiosity is piqued too. I don’t think you can just leave a story like that to dangle out there in the flutherverse.

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My personal security is at risk….

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Maybe you could tell us a short story without harming you? They have been in my life in the past and I know it’s so frighting to think they want something from you if not I need a pm too!

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I’ve noticed that all those asking for a pm are disappearing.

Do not ask for a pm. Please! Y’all are dropping like flies!

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I’m here n waiting!

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@jonsblond Im still here don’t worry :)

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…So…curious…This is an odd situation. I think you should just keep your head down. Or maybe the clerk was mind-fucking you.

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If you got the pm you could answer the question here.

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I promised against my will that I wouldn’t, They are watching

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Oh brother.

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Ahhh!!!! They’re crawling up my legs!

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Actually, it sounds to me as if you forgot to make your car payment, and the repo man is looking for you.

Technically, the CIA isn’t supposed to work inside the US. That is supposed to be the FBI’s turf.

Although, when did you last buy something that wasn’t, um…legal? It could be narcs or TABC, too, you know.

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I think you might be right Darwin!

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I own a 711 gas station and I doubt that one of my girls would say such things to a regular! So I lean towards what she said is true, if there is anything shady in your life, things will always catch up to you!

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@Ansible1. I have a friend who works for the NSA who is having an affair with an ex-KGB agent. Let me talk to them and see what I can find out about who might be surveilling you. In the meantime, keep a low profile and avoid eating pineapple.

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Maybe it was just a Hollywood agent and you’re about to be discovered!!!

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PM me too please I am wayyy too curious…

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Or just make life easy and post it here in piglatin. The CIA guy won’t know and we won’t tell him!

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Ok, I’m back. I got away from th

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I wouldn’t be freaking out too much. I’ve learned (the hard way) that if law enforcement was really after you that you wouldn’t be writing questions on Fluther, but instead would be sitting in a holding cell or interrogation room. The only reason you would have a tail is if they felt you could lead them somewhere or to something.

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I am still following you.

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I’m sorry, so many requests for PM,s i haven’t been able to keep track of who I sent to and who I didn’t, PM me and I will reply, thx.

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Careful! It could also be the IRS. Do you know where your returns are for the last seven years?

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We are looking at them right now.

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i feel left out

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I’m waaay late on this question…

I must know more about this. Someone inform me please = )

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This question never happened. PERIOD.

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So what’s the update with this question? Was someone following you? Did you ever find out?

Did that store clerk forget to take her meds?

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