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Did you watch any of the Railroad Alaska footage today on the Travel Channel?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30004points) November 26th, 2015

See this link link

I had it on for about an hour earlier this afternoon. No words, no sounds other than train whistles, as the train was working its way North in Alaska. Pretty cool – you saw sidings, small towns, bridges, trestles, and a ton of trees. And lets not forget the snow.

I found it to be restful and enjoyable. The worst part was the commercial breaks – you’re calm and enjoying the silence, and then they break in and advertise indigestion pills.

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I’ve watched it in the past, but not yesterday. It made me fascinated with Alaska, although I know it’s not for the weak, unless maybe if you live in a city. There’s another show I like about Alaska, “The Last Alaskans” which is about people living on federal lands and how they trap for a living. I think new episodes start showing in January. I wouldn’t last two days in that environment. It is pretty, though.

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