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Best place to watch the L Word online?

Asked by zina (1661points) July 23rd, 2008
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Netflix has it as an instant view. Then again you probably wouldn’t be asking if you had Netflix huh? D’oh!

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Buy them. You know you want to! Or that’s just me. Hot stuff!

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if you want to watch it for free, and legally, i would try hulu

El_Cadejo's avatar is great. Heres a link to “The L Word” page.

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there was some one who uploaded season three onto YouTube when it was first airing, but the man shut it down. It was cute, too, because I saw a girl leave a comment that her parents had actually cancelled their cable when they saw her watching it, and she was excited to find it online.

Anyway, no more. You should watch “exes and ohs” instead though. It’s a show on Logo, and is, IMO, a much better portrayal of lesbians, and it’s really funny to boot. I can’t link because I’m on my iPhone, but search it. You can get the whole season of that on amazon for like $11.

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I didnt start watching untill the 4th season so i used this site to find out everything i had missed in the first 3 seasons, its a pretty great site because it has several different sources to watch each and every episode.
Plus its free and doesnt require any downloading.

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Don’t know the answer, but I love the show! I’m in lesbo love with Shane…and I’m not even gay.
Is it over for good and/or anyone know when it comes back on?

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One more season. It starts in January.

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i love this show i think tina is hot and fab cant wait till season 6 bring it on

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I saw the promo for the new season, jenny is murdered and everyone is a suspect.

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The L word? A new swear?

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I’m trying to find a place online to watch seasons 5 &6 of The L Word free online but all I find is broken links/

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