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How do you feel about tea and why?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 23rd, 2008

what are some of the weirdest/best/worst/most painful/hilarious/normal things you’ve done with tea? what would you like to see done with tea? do you have a good tea story? what would you do with free tea?

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I think Teavana convinced me to spend too much money when I was there. I had never liked tea before I entered that store a few years ago. Of course they enticed me with their flavorful teas, persuading me that these were “different” than the tea I’d hated all my life. They won, and I thought it would be cute to start making and drinking my own tea. I still have the Teavana set I bought and make it occasionally, so whatevs. But I don’t like normal tea. And I would never drink iced tea. I also recently moved to the South (of the US), and apparently iced tea is viewed as as normal as water around here? There’s this one fast food chain, Bojangles, that actually just assumes you want iced tea with your meal – they don’t even ask otherwise! You have to specifically request to get a different drink and pay 30 cents extra.

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I use Yogi Tea for many ailments, and I have never been disappointed. The raspberry leaf “women’s tea” works very well for easing PDD and cramps. Otherwise, I drink, at least, a cup of green tea every day—great for anti-oxidants.

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Green tea ice cream is awesome! It has an unexpectedly fragrant flavor and is subtle; it’s a nice finish for a Japanese meal (think sushi)...yum.

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i think is good to relax but i dont drink all the time
Just to relax

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@sndfreQ Have you tried Mochi green tea ice cream? Yum!

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I love tea. It is my favorite beverage. I drink coffee in the morning, but then it is tea all the way. I drink at least four cups a day. I love black tea, and I love white tea. I am much pickier about green tea, because much of it has a bitter aftertaste that I don’t like. I do love gunpowder green though. Tazo Awake is wonderful at perking me up.

I usually go out for tea once a week. I have three favorite tea shops near my home—each of them with very distinctly different personalities. I love the ritual of it. It is very soothing to drink tea with friends.

Today, because of the heat, I drank a lot of ice tea. After the daily thunderstorm, it cooled off enough so I could drink a cup of Silver Needles, my favorite white tea.

I also like herbal teas. I love peppermint tea. I love ginger tea, hibiscus and chamomile tea too.

While an excellent English breakfast is my favorite, I also love darjeeling, especially in the afternoon. When I’m in the mood, I like Earl Grey. For inspiration, nothing beats jasmine tea. Jasmine mixed with white tea is wonderful too.

One of my favorite teas I first had at a friend’s Indian restaurant, cardamom tea. I now get it from my Persian friends. It is wonderful.

I use cold teabags to reduce puffy eyes. I have tea-stained garments. Tea is an incredible substance.

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wow marina you must love tea
perfect question for u

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@da455hole I do! Guess it showed, huh? Welcome to the collective!

@Judyprays Also, congratulations to you and Erik!

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Lately I’ve been brewing green tea and then putting in the fridge for a nice summer beverage. It’s really upped by green tea consumption, which I wanted to do for the health benefits.

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I am more of a coffee drinker. I only drink tea if I am not feeling well or chamomile to help me sleep at night.

Other than that…Coffee please.

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Mr.T says, “I pitty the fool who drinks my tea”.

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I don’t have any stories but I love green tea.

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I’m with Babygall. I am addicted to coffee! I have to drink it every morning. I drink tea when I am sick and it’s always the Tazo “Calm” tea. I swear that tea makes me feel better.

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@tinyfaery not just yet. We just started transcoastal dating.

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Being a true southern belle, I thoroughly enjoy sweet tea. But, on the flip side, my Indian bf makes a spectacular hot tea w/ cloves, cinnamon, garam masala, pepper, cardamon, cumin, ginger, and some other spices. Add milk and sugar and one couldn’t ask for a more soothing liquid; although, if it isn’t made by him, I only drink coffee, lol ;)

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Tea was the first thing I ever smoked.

I like jasmine tea with maple syrup. My all time favorite is Twinings Indian Spiced Chai.

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I like coffee, but don’t like tea

Actually, tea in its various forms, almost universally makes me slightly nauseous. I really wish it didn’t.

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@rob Philistine! Also congrats on breaking the 4K barrier!

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I cannot get out my house/hotel/boat or wherever I slept the night before if I don’t drink 3/4 of a litre of English Breakfast Tea.
Sometimes I found myself without it, and I felt very bad during the whole morning. From that day I usually carry in my pocket two or three tea-bags.
Just in case I am not sleeping home tonight.

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I smoked some Lipton once. Didn’t really do much for me.

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No, it doesn’t do anything. Some teas taste good when smoked though.

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Love my good ole southern sweet tea! I also love Chai. it’s yummy.

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judith, you ask the weirdest fluther questions. also, i’m calling RIGHT NOW to see about “you and erik”

sferik – i’m not very good in a fight, but i’m afraid i’m gonna have to do some alpha monkey posturing. it’s nothing personal

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@drhat77 understood. I’m not much of a fighter either. Perhaps we can settle things with a thumb war?

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@drhat77 – this is not a weird question, i am brainstorming for a documentary for a tea company

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@judyprays in that case – the wife and i have a hot water thing on all shabbat so we can enjoy tea any time we want. my current favortie is white tea with pomegranate extract

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Being from the south I’m pretty sure my blood is mainly made up of sweat tea

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“Turn on the tea and let it brew
I like six cups, not one or two
My nerves are shaking and my heart is breakin’
It’s just because of all the tea I take in
Break out the cups and honey too
Turn on the tea and let it brew
I don’t care that she’s left me
Just so long as the cupboard’s full of tea
Poor ol’ Buddha turned into stone
That’s why I drink tea alone
Buddha made of stone, and his eyes are ruby
But his thoughts and dreams are distilled in the tea
I’ll drink my tea and sit and dream
Conjure up a leprechaun to dance upon the steel
I’m drinking my tea and it’s getting late
Thought I heard somebody pass my gate
I don’t know and I wonder what’s to become of me
Sitting up all night listening to the CBC”

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I am indifferent to tea. I don’t drink it that much and have never had an “urge” (exaggeration of a small feeling) to drink it like other drinks. I rarely drink it perhaps 3–4 times a year and always with biscuits :). I also don’t understand other people’s obsession with it though this is true for alcohol as well so maybe it’s a general drink thing for me. I only really drink drink to quench my first – I drink water and squash mainly.

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