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Didn't Trump say he wouldn't be in the debate unless he was paid by CNN?

Asked by janbb (57151points) December 15th, 2015

And didn’t they say they wouldn’t pay him. Apparently, he is in the debate tonight. Who’s the liar here?

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No lie as he said it hypothetically and that he suggested the money go to a veterans charity. A noble gesture IMO.

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noble gesture pro-military pandering.

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It isn’t lying. It’s negotiating.

or probably chest thumping

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Not a noble gesture at all, as I see it, @Cruiser. Essentially, demanding payment for appearances, even if he puts someone else’s name on the payee line is still demanding payment. This is very similar to 2012 when he offered to pay $5 million to a charity of Oama’s choice if he released certain records. Cheap theatrics disguised as generosity, especially since $5 million is chump change to Trump.

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@canidmajor It is hard to have a discussion with you if you do not read the link and keep putting Trump’s words in a context that never happened. Nothing was “demanded” AGAIN he hypothetically “suggested” that CNN compensate him for all the ratings his appearance will bring to the network and those monies instead be given to Veteran charities. Arrogant yes, demanding no.

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@Cruiser And yet here’s a CBS story that says he demanded. Unfortunately, we all seem to find the news stories that back our own point of view these days. We never seem to find objective reality. Certainly, the stories I first read said he demanded and they were not on left-wing sites only. They also said that CNN refused to pay so someone seems to have backed down.

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Trump loves a good old mass-debate.

On a related note, I saw something the other day where a bald eagle flapped at his funny head, cascading the “hair” in all directions. #irony

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@Cruiser : I read your link, I used the word “essentially” in my post. Sorry you missed that.
I have many conservative, Republican friends who are educated and informed who are concerned that he might win a nomination. I am surprised that you seem to support him, there are more credible candidates for your party. None to my taste, of course, but some, that if elected, would cause me less concern. From the tone of your usual, more sensible posts, I had thought you would be more supportive of some of the more intelligent, less flame-throwing potential candidates.

Have fun, I’m out. I’m afraid my objectivity has been compromised by the witnessing of a rock thrown at a woman wearing a headscarf in the parking lot of my supermarket. It came from a passing pick-up driven by a young white man yelling “Trump is right! Go home!” No one was physically harmed…this time.

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@canidmajor I have never once explicitly expressed my support for nor endorsed Donald Trump and IMO he could not be a worse choice candidate for the Republican Party but IMHO light years better choice for the future of this country than Hillary or God forbid Bernie Beat on my drums all night Sanders. But it I am to have a Conservative Dog in the race, I am taking a very close look at ALL the candidates including Trump.

I also find absolutely intriguing is all the uproar over Donalds stop the Visa screening process on Muslims and yesterday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Mika of all people said you know what? No one has come up with a better suggestion/solution than Donalds proposal! They all agreed that Donalds suggestion albeit extreme sounding had merit as to what this top level panel of Liberal thinkers agreed on yet not one could come up with something better or more practical. It was hilarious to see this speechless deer-in-headlight stares from all these top level Liberal pundits.

The only good thing about Donald I have to say is he knows how to get right to the point and meat and potatoes of the many issues regular politicians are to weak in the knees to discuss. If were not for Donald in this campaign none of these real issues like homeland security would be being talked about. Donald has exposed the weakness of all the career politicians and it has big hitter corporate donors on both sides of the isle hopping mad and I love it!

Back to your last point, we had a similar story of a lovely Iranian woman being harassed and spit at by some irate business man. As sad as her story was it was even sadder when she lamented how no one on that bus came to her aid. And it is times just like these where we need to push back even harder against the hysterics of A-holes like those in yours and my story.

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@Cruiser Can’t agree on this one. Trump would be the second worst person to hold the office of POTUS, Cruz being the first. Not a fan of Clinton btw, just saying she is not, in my opinion, the worst person running for the office.

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