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What do you think is the next HOT phenomenon in collaborative websites?

Asked by nina (895points) July 24th, 2008

There seems to be an unlimited potential in collaborative websites: videos, dating, networking. What is next?

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Work. Being able to form an ad hoc team on the fly and have the team take on some kind of work that earns money for everyone in the team. Could be programming, writing, research, creative production, you name it. What if your fluther could be tasked to profitable work? I know there are problems (for example, whatever the equivalent of “click fraud” would be for something like that), but I find the idea of being to sit down and recharge my checking account right at my computer whenever I have a moment very compelling.

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If i knew the answer, I would build such a site and become a tech millionaire

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clearly it would be built by some hot young unknown in the web design industry

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@drhat77: seriously a site without even a favicon, a title or an interactive menu is the next hot thing ?

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@mirza simplicity out of intention is the height of evolution. and even if it wasn’t, back off my brother.

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@judy: how am i supposed to know if he’s your brother ? I have nothing against simplicity but seriously even if simplicity was the next hot thing, it certainly wouldnt be one website

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@mirza – regardless of whether or not he is my brother, i just feel like he was being silly and then you acted as if he actually took himself seriously and sort of attacked him. not to attack you or anything, but i’m super grateful to him for putting the site together and the least i can do is fend off any negativity. didn’t mean to be overly feisty.
i am embarrassed and going to opt out of this thread now.

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@Judy and @drhat77 (or is it @judy&drhat77 – what does OED have to say about that?)- the question was about a COLLABORATIVE site, like Fluther.
Judy’s site was never intended to be collaborative, so please think about MY question, if you can, just like @chaosrob did. We could have some interesting breakthoughs here.

Love you all!!!!!

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sorry for the problems – it was a joke. i designed judyprays website and i ithought this would get giggles out of the group.

BTW did you know if you try to add yourself to Your Fluther you get sent to the wikipedia article on narcissism. Erik and Andrew and Third Guy are HILLARIOUS.

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@nina: to answer your question, I am a firm believer on Tumblr – it makes publishing as easy as it can get. Over the months it has evolved into a humungous community and its growing at a pretty fast rate. One of its users even made it to wired’s front page

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Well, “climate change”, obviously. But I’d call it a “mixed warm” change. “Hot” is a pejorative these days.

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