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What are you ashamed to admit is on your DVR?

Asked by poofandmook (17315points) July 24th, 2008

What TV show can you not resist watching that you’d probably be teased for?

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@Lovelocke I could not live without my DVR. Not everything is online for download or when it is you either have to pay, download a program or end up with some sort of virus. Plus the time it’d take to find the stupid show and load it, I’d rather have my DVR record the thing. Not to mention never having to watch ads and being able to pause, rewind, etc.

The most shameful thing on my DVR is The Nanny. Now before you point and laugh, it’s my husband recording it not I. I don’t know why he likes it so much but he watches it all the time.

Currently, I don’t really have anything I’m recording. Summer time is not a good time of the year for my television viewing. I do have one episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on there though.

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Um, yes, I own a cable box with a Digital Video Recorder in it, because there is a plethora of current television programming that isn’t readily available on the internet, and if it is, it’s bootlegged and poor quality. And why would I want to sit and watch it on a 20 inch screen when I have a 52 inch TV?

Your snobbish attitude isn’t really appreciated.

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Things I record that are okay: Intervention, Ghost Hunters
Things I record that I probably wouldn’t tell people: All My Children, and Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood. it helps me go to sleep!!

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@poof That’s exactly why I prefer my DVR. I do watch a few things on Netflix but the quality is good and it is legal because I pay for it. However, I would much rather be watching it on my television.

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I am ashamed of recording almost any show on Bravo. They repeat every day. Why record them at all?

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Everything is available for download… everything. Anonymous is legion.

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@Lovelocke. As a so-called, self-described “independent filmmaker”, I am shocked to know that you would be in favor of people stealing shows and movies online without paying a dime. If you made a movie, and then someone actually bought it (highly doubtful), and your payments were tied to royalties, but then nobody paid because they were busily using BitTorrent, you would be SOL. Way to go!

I’m sure you’re as much an independent filmmaker as I am Thierry Henry.

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Well, its not my DVR, I share it; and since I’m pretty good about keeping it organized and up to date, most of the programs are there waiting for my wife to get around to. The most embarrassing one in my opinion is Elvis: Viva Las Vegas. Yes, my under 30 wife loves Elvis. I hang my head in shame.

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Few people’s paychecks are tied to royalties outside of people who are already making millions a picture. As a matter of fact, many indie guys intentionally leak their own movies to generate buzz… royalties barely exist for musicians these days, and bittorrent’sd by some artists(Nine

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Continued… iPod glitch: Nine Inch Nails released an entire album online for free via bit torrent. It’s all for buzz… Times are changing, people are the ones who must adjust.

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I think you miss the point. Even if you leak your movie, and it draws buzz, isn’t the next step to sell it? Won’t the studio (or whomever buys it) pay you less if they know that they won’t have a monopoly on selling the product? Royalties or not, you lose when your work (and others’) is available free of charge.
Your example of NIN also misses the point. They can afford to do that because die hard fans will still buy merchandise and tickets to shows. Jam bands (like the Grateful Dead and Phish) have been operating that way for decades. Allow free taping and show trading in exchange for people occasionally buying an album and concert tickets.

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Nash Bridges ~ I have it programmed to tape all shows. I started re~watching them back when the strike hit and there was nothing to watch.
Mugsie 7:15 AM

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I guess no one is ashamed of their porn.

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Nothing. I don’t care what other people think of my choice of entertainment.

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Nothing. …because I don’t have a DVR.

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I LOVE my DVR. Weeks can go by before I watch what I’ve recorded (or any TV whatsoever), but I’m afraid to say that I’ve recorded all American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance episodes for the past two seasons. From time to time I’ll record What Not to Wear and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. All are guilty pleasures, meant to be watched while eating chips and salsa, or something like that.

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