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Where's the best place to do a Masters in Educational Technology or at least some type of Certificate in Educational Technology in Canada, in-class and on-line?

Asked by Jameskw (10points) December 25th, 2015


I’m now living in Qatar, but in about 7 years, I’ll be returning to Canada to retire at 65 yrs of age. When I return to Canada I hope to continue to work hopefully. I’m a teacher and I’d like to continue working in the Educational Field, either as a teacher, a classroom assistant (teacher and/or student) or any other similar position I was offered by an employer. However, I have been overseas for almost 20 years. I have spoken to people who have returned to Canada recently after many years overseas about what challenges they faced when they returned to Canada to retire and to return to the Canadian workforce. The obvious thing that has struck them while looking at job openings (Education and other) in Canada was their lack of technological skills. They didn’t know anything about, e.g., Noodle Tools or even how to submit a research paper electronically. They have advised me that they think if I were going to be looking for other work back in Canada eventually; doing IT courses would probably be helpful.

I’ve been told that a really good idea would be to do a Masters in Educational Technology or at least some type of Certificate in Educational Technology. However, is this the best career advice or option for me? Also, even if correct, from what institution would I do this program from? I’m Canadian so I would definitely want this program to be accepted by employers in Canada so a Canadian-based program might be a good idea, but I’m very open to advice on this. Next, I live in the Middle East so an on-line component of the program would be ideal. However, I’d still want this program to have an in-class component with the courses probably completed in the summer or perhaps even here in Qatar at a North American or European university “satellite” campus. Finally, I must mention that I have been essentially teaching ESL/EFL since I have come overseas so I am very open to suggestions in this area also. Thank you!

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