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Slow-Cooker Question: How long on warm setting?

Asked by Pachy (18600points) December 25th, 2015

I slow-cooked corned beef and assorted veggies nine hours overnight and now that it’s all fully cooked, I’d like to keep it on the warm setting for four hours. Is it okay to do this without ruining my traditional Christmas day lunch dish?

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If “warm” is the low setting then you can have it on that for many hours.

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I take it you have warm, low, and high settings? If so, then “warm” just keeps it warm. It shouldn’t make the beef any more cooked (at least not significantly enough to notice).

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Yes, although you may need to add water to keep the meat moist (so it doesn’t dry out)

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If you have warm, low and high settings you should be fine on warm.
If you only have warm and high (and don’t open it to let germs in), I would turn it off for two hours and then back to low for 2.

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Thanks, all. Warming it is, and consumed it shortly will be. Mery Christmas to one and all.

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@Pachy Can I come for lunch?

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