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How do I stop thinking about work when I leave?

Asked by JCS (250points) July 18th, 2007

It's not even important work things I can't stop thinking about. Sometimes, as I fall asleep, I see myself performing routine work tasks! How can I get the workplace out of my head?

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take up knitting.

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Develop a hobby or an activity that u like to keep ur mind occupied...maybe u can go to the gym and work out for an hour after work it will help!

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Stop thinking about work, when at work. Let your mind flow in directions you would not mind thinking about after work or as you drift of to sleep.

As we wind down a day and enter or dreams our mind seems to rehash and contemplate the day's events to better help us prepare for reoccurances.

If you desire a change to those "practice" sessions, change the game.

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1. have one or many *other* interesting things going on in your life (even if you can't dedicate much time to it/them) --------- exercise as above, or knitting -- though I tend to think of those as things where you can keep thinking about something else, like WORK -- depending on your personality, perhaps better would be something mentally stimulating, whatever interests you, maybe reading good books or following some aspect of the news, volunteer work, cooking, photography, taking on a project related to the place you live (fixing something, rearranging a space), a relationship, talking with friends, a club of some sort, planning trips or outings that really excite you, or even a good TV series. Ideally something or things that are a contrast to your work and that you are truly very interested in and get engaged by.

2. then learn to focus on one (work) or another (non-work interest) at a time.

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I have never been able to completely remove some work tasks from my mind. For instance, I worked for 6 years at a kiddie amusement park called Santa's Village. I still run those rides in my sleep. "Please open your yellow safety bars, step out on the yellow box and follow the yellow arrows quickly to your left. . ." Some things never leave you.

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I have also had this problem to varied degrees. The only things that work for me are word games or sex before sleeping. I can't just lie down and go to sleep as it opens my mind to assimilate the day.

If sex is not an option try buying a pocket device such as an IPAQ or iPhone that can will allow you to play thinking games in the dark to distract your mind before dozing off.

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play a video game

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