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What do you think about the CNN, UFO specail on Larry Kind Live?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) July 24th, 2008

Do you believe that the missile video showing an object beaming a missile moving at 18,000miles an hour was real? are you convinced, and wasn’t it sad that they all just bashed Bill Nye the science guy?

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While we are on the subject of conspiracy of coarse

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Dude, really. Get on board with the spell check.


There was indeed a confirmed UFO in Stephenville, TX. MUFON got the FAA’s radar data for that night. Reported in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram recently

July 14, 2008—FORT WORTH, Texas—An enormous aircraft without transponders traveling up to 2,100 mph – at one time zooming toward President Bush’s Crawford ranch – is similar to the mysterious object dozens reported seeing, according to radar documents examined by a group that studies unidentified flying objects.

“This shows ample evidence of UFO activity,” said Kenneth Cherry, Texas director of the Mutual UFO Network, which has been studying phenomenon earlier this year in Stephenville and Dublin, about 75 miles southwest of Fort Worth. “They were turning at angles not possible by military aircraft.”

His organization, called MUFON, requested documents from the Federal Aviation Administration, nearby military bases and other agencies under the Freedom of Information Act.

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I really liked the whole program. As you say, it’s a shame they just tag-teamed The Science Guy, the didn’t even let him finish his arguments (which were valid). I think aliens are going to rock the boat.

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