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Pop-up tissue packaging: Has it gotten worse over the years?

Asked by Pachy (18610points) December 29th, 2015

You may think this is a silly question (wouldn’t be my first one), but it’s an issue that’s been bugging me for a long time.

I recall that in years past pop-up tissue did just that, popped up without nudging. Now plies of tissue seems to get easily stuck in the box and have to be fished out, which often causes multiple plies to come out at the same time. I find this terribly annoying. I’m not talking about just cheap store brands; even Kleenex brand, which seems to come in the best (i.e., firmest) packaging, does the same thing.

My suspicion is that tissue packaging in general has become flimsier, and/or the slot design at the top of the box has somehow been changed. Is this my imagination or has anyone else encountered the problem?

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I avoid pop-up tissues for this very reason. Only the brand new boxes ever act as they should, with enough weight to keep the box on the counter and the tissues close enough to the top to feed properly.

I use Puffs in the box were you just reach in and grab one. Easy peesy.

The only thing I will add that’s relevant to your complaint is that there seem to be more miss-folded tissues that ever before. It’s not a big deal for me, but is probably the cause of your problems.

Do you have a cover for the box? I always thought the cover seemed like a good idea because the added weight should help them dispense.

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Good idea about a cover. I’ll try that.

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No idea. I only use this type

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I agree but once you get it going it’s usually ok. I rarely use tissues though. Just not a runny nosed kind of person

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I just bought my MI a really pretty cover on Etsy. It is fabric so it’s not to heavy but does add weight. I hope it works well, although I have never heard her complain about the plain box before.

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Those smaller qube-shaped boxes seem to pop-up like they used to. But it seems like they only hold 6 tissues! All the boxes now lend themselves to the open packaging to grab a number of them- think wallet-sized wads. The complaint Was people didn’t want to stand there pulling out a number of tissues to carry, one x one. Too intense to have carried the small packets of packaged smaller numbers, I guess. Tissues and I go way back. – er, not the Same tissues, per se, that would be… Gross. :)
Etsy,, sells you-load refillables that pop up, also.

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