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What is the best toilet paper on the market?

Asked by Judi (40025points) October 18th, 2008

my pregnant daughter cried because they changed kleenex cottonelle and it now leaves lint. She’s hormonal and needs an alternative quick!

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I like Angel Soft or Northern…neither leave lint. (I hate that, too!)

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Andrex. It’s puppy soft. it’s also probably a UK brand

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Angel Soft is what I use. I like the double rolls best, because they last longer than two single rolls.

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I second Marina…use the double rolls!

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I am a big fan of Charmin Ultra.

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I’m a big fan of Charmin with Aloe and E. It’s like gauze. You can usually get it at Target.

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Can I assume that all the above did not post on the “How to save money in this financial crisis”.

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@jvgr Look, fella, there’s the bottom line and the bottom line. Some things are necessities. Especially for a pregnant woman!

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Angel Soft Double Rolls with Aloe & E

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Wow. Hormones are evil if they make you cry over toilet paper lint.

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yes they are!

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I’m a big fam of Scotts. The ultra soft stuff clogs my pipes.

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Charmin Ultra. there is nothing fun or funny about TP lint! And can we have a moment of silence for Mr. Whipple who is no longer with us?

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Charmin ultra strong all the way!

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Seventh Generation. It’s recycled content and the company is from my hometown : )

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Any one you dont see all over the ass of a cartoon bear cub.

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It depends on your criteria. Some like it soft, some like it hard… The only thing you mentioned is lint. Scott is a very low lint brand, but it is also hard. Quilted Northern is low lint but much softer. For a broader range of consumer ratings check this site:

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