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You are the sole recipient of 800 million dollars, how will your life change?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) January 8th, 2016

If somehow (presuming you don’t play the lotto) an 800 million jackpot was slated for you (someone bought a ticket and wrote your information on it if you don’t buy), who would your life change and how fast? Do you believe the long-term effects would be overall good or bad?

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My family could get the dental work they need.

I could pay off my student loans as well as my sons.

I could grocery shop without counting every penny I spend.

I could get the muffler fixed on our car.

I could pay of our medical debt that is over $10k.

I’d have such a weight lifted off my shoulders I wouldn’t know what to do next.

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They would go to my family’s safe so… I guess nothing would change much.

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It wouldn’t change my life much. I have everything that I need. I’d give most to charity, medical research and help folks in need.

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800 million is an enormous amount of money. I’d be kidding myself if I were to pretend that it wouldn’t change my life.

Changes would include hiring a personal assistant and wealth manager, distributing a small proportion (but still a large absolute value) amongst family and friends. I would use the bulk of the money to invest in companies that I believe are both financially viable, and good for society and the environment. There are many good business people out there that require funding to bring their products the exposure and scale they deserve.

Of course some of that money would also go towards some luxuries. It’d be foolish not to enjoy having that money if it happened.

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I would be free to do research for fun. I would never starve again. My life would be on track. I would have to move out of my social housing and would move back to Edmonton and get a better education. I would design a better library for acedemic research. Also I would put money into understanding time travel and learning how to astral travel at will. I would buy the Telus World of Science and change the name back to the Edmonton Space and Science Center.

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More hookers.

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I am very frugal. I write down every cent I take in and every cent I spend. I used to buy candy and chips and soda everyday. Until I looked at that on paper. Then I stopped once I realized how much the garbage was costing me. It was on paper and I was spending 100+ a month for empty food.

So I am totally torn. Part of me thinks I would be frugal with 800 million (After buying my sister, her kids, and my mom houses and making sure everyone didn’t have to worry about paying for college). Then the other part of me thinks I would be dead in a month with my face covered in white powder. I do love cocaine.

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I would give lots away to family and friends. In fact I would not tell anyone at first but have lots of conversations with people about what they would do with a large lottery win and what would be a life changing amount for them. Then I would give everyone what they need.

The usual luxuries for me and my family: private school, large house with pool, not working. I could cope with that…

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Change to ££££££££££££££‘s & pay the staff their annual wages.

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I would buy lots of books.

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It would change a lot of lives around me as well as mine.

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I’d definitely have to pare down my current expenses but guess I’d manage.

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I was talking to a coworker about it. We were discussing the negatives. He said he would not reveal himself (he’d be the anonymous winner).

My child would be subject to kidnapping. Every organization and probably the majority of people I know and many people I’ve never met will be begging for money.

Winning large amounts has negatives as well as positives. People usually think of the positives. I’m a positive person, usually not looking at negatives but in this case, you’d have to see the negatives and realize that they’d have a huge effect on your life in addition to the positives of being able to buy anything you want, help out family, take trips, etc.

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I will have the newly hired help, press agent, security detail or stunt person get back to you…
Or perhaps Lars and Sven, my new pool boys//masseuses may call. We’ll see.

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I’d become Batman. I mean, the world has how many billionaires? and none of those lazy asses have bothered to become Batman.

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Well, instead of living in a crappy house in a shitty neighborhood in Florida, I’d live on an adorable farm in New Zealand.

My “negatives” would not exist, because I will be a nice 17 hour plane ride away from them.

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Goes without saying… My Batcave would be in New Zealand. With Glowworms. They are the bomb. @Seek is my Robin, if she’s willing.

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I’d buy at least one other house to go to in inclement weather, give thousands to our local animal shelter, have my phone number unlisted , and meet with my kids to decide how much they should receive. This would create major problems. They can’t stand each other , one is a druggie and I don’t like their partners so this would most likely not turn out well. I’d get rid of this house and buy a nicer, larger one locally and have a high dollar moving company wrap everything up in boxes. I would love to give my s/o everything he wants but he doesn’t want much. Problems would ensue at Christmas when my friends would resent ordinary gifts so I’d have to work that out also. If my s/o’s health were better we’d see the world . I’d also like to set up some kind of soup kitchen that would serve good, filling food for the homeless.

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Maybe I would run for President. I could never win, but think about how pissed off Jeb, Christie, and Ran Paul would be when I do better in the polls.

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I’m down, @cazzie, as long as you’ll be Sam to my Frodo.

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Absolutely, @Seek , I’ll be M to your 007. Hell, I’ll be Moneypenny. I can cook a damn fine brace of coneys over an open fire.

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@Mimishu1995 They would go to my family’s safe so… I guess nothing would change much.
Unless you treat the information like the secrets in Area 51 or see it as the More Organized Businessmen (aka the MOB) and say ”Three can keep a secret if two are dead”, eventually IT WILL GET OUT. And when people learn there are hundreds of millions in a safe at your parent’s house (not earning interest mind you) do you think someone will try an “Oceans 11” heist of that safe?

@Buffaloman More hookers.
And a bowl full Cialis by the bedside?

@RedDeerGuy1 I would buy lots of books.
Build a whole library then hire other people to buy the books to stock it.

@Stinley The usual luxuries for me and my family: private school, large house with pool, not working. I could cope with that…
Getting a bigger place in anticipation of all the other ”stuff” you will buy to go with the stuff you have now, unless the stuff you have now will be crap next to the better stuff you will buy with all of that loot. ~~~

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@Hypocrisy_Central too right, all that old stuff has so gone to the charity shop.

Update – I didn’t win Saturday’s huge jackpot on the U.K. Lottery…

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^ Update – I didn’t win Saturday’s huge jackpot on the U.K. Lottery…
Update – I didn’t win Saturday’s huge Powerball jackpot…so…....

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Well, I’d go ahead and buy the Porterhouse all the time, not just when it’s on sale.

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@Hypocrisy_Central to the charity shop for both of us? To buy stuff.

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