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When hotspots are taken and placed upon a global map, does it make you better able to absorb a great deal of information?

Asked by msh (4262points) January 9th, 2016 from iPhone

I have kept published news maps from past articles concerning various concerns around the world.
I find it helps to see the exact placement of linked stories to get a more complete picture of what has occurred.
On the day of 9/11, I spent most of each period using a world map as a guide as to whom these people were, and where they came from. Most had no idea. Some had never had to pay attention to events in the Middle East prior to that time.Currently, we’ve come to know these places all too well at this point in history.

Do you find that it helps you to look at a map of an area- or more; globally to put a thread of graphic understanding of current events?

Here are two examples of my most-used informational basis via maps. The attached articles have helped me greatly in placing exact global areas for different group’s bases (which report to ISIS), but also still have different agendas for their own areas of the world in some cases.
The attached news articles are great base-reference points also.

Do these noticeably change the given information for you?



***Please note the date of these articles- as the most recent information may not be included within the last month and one half.

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*** Within the articles, the maps and photographs show closer mapping information of each area. To access a more- discernible image, please press the camera image in each corner to access the information.

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I like maps. I have an entire wall in my kitchen covered in 4 maps: the National Geographic Political Map of the World, Nat Geo The United States, AAA Map of New York State, AAA Map of the Finger Lakes region of NY. Behind the kitchen door is a detailed AAA map of my area.
I’ll bet I look at thelp at least half dozen times per day. When I hear someting on the news I instinctively look at the maps.

When my kids were young I had maps all along the wall in the foyer. Map of the world, Map of the solar system, Map of the local stars, Map of our galaxy and how our galaxy fits into the big picture. I also had a wall cart of the electromagnetic spectrum. You would never see this decor in Home Beautiful but my kids sure got a lot out of it.

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Hey @LuckyGuy – we did too!
S’ok, I heard the Beautious Homes publications always call ahead of their photo shoots.
So we’re covered…..

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