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Is anyone else following the Prop 8 hearing?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) March 5th, 2009

It’s about 1/4 of the way done. Queerty has a live tweetstream, background info, and a video stream of the proceedings.

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Is this about the legal case?

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I’m not following it, but I am anxiously awaiting the outcome. Keep us posted?

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Def, augustlan.

@daloon, yeah, they’re hearing all of the challenges to the constitutionality of the amendment. People are predicting the outcome, and some people think that the court might do something crazy, like converting all of California’s marriages into civil unions.

Though the hearing will wrap up at 12 PM pacific, the decision most likely will not be released today. They have 90 days to file it.

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I’m trying! Where have you been finding up to date info?

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I’m like Augustlan. Just waiting.

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If you twitter you can follow to get a play by play. They’re on break now, I don’t know if for lunch or for the day.

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That’s it—the conclusion of the legal arguments. It was from 9–12 PST.

And holy fuck. I’m so anxious about this.

The Pro-Prop 8 side’s arguments were essentially, “This is the will of the people, and you can’t do anything about it.”

Anti-prop 8 basically asserted that LGBT people are a protected class, and that excluding a suspect class from an inalienable right crosses the lines of what an amendment is able to do.

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sigh so stressful. I really hope this doesn’t actually take THREE MONTHS. Ahh.

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Also the anti-prop 8 argument is that a majority vote cannot affect any group’s civil rights. If that is to take place there must be a change in the state constitution and a 2/3 vote by the state legislature-and THAT isn’t going to happen.

What most people I have talked to believe what is going to happen is the court decision will come down against the prop 8 people——AGAIN.

There will be another attempt to outlaw same sex legal unions. However this time there will be an investigation of what money has been spent by religious groups for political purposes (and therefore not tax-exempt) and they will have to pay taxes and penalties. Also this time any proposition will be defeated.

That will mean marriages performed in California must be recognized in all other states under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the US Constitution.

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@galileogirl, most people think that, based on the justices’ questions, that they will uphold prop 8, and basically say that the amendment process sucks ass, but either get used to it or change it. They are also expected to keep the state’s 18k SS marriages valid.

I really hope this isn’t what happens.

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Well maybe most people haven’t watched these guys in action before. They don’t usually tip their hand(s). If the amendment process sucks then that means you have to change the constitution not just wipe it out with a ‘simple majority rules’ proposition.

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I’m so tired of this fight. Why must people be so narrow-minded? Sometimes I can’t believe this is actually the 21st century: we’re still hearing arguments to teach “intelligent design” in schools, school boards are banning perfectly acceptable books, and gays are treated as third class citizens.

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