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Is your car fast and loud?

Asked by Buffaloman (119points) January 11th, 2016

I think there’s nothing more American than a Hot Rod. Sure, football, baseball, winning, are all things people commonly associate with America. But for me, it’s the cars. I hope cars stay loud forever!!!! Do you own a piece of America and drive a Hot Rod?

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Nope. I have a fast car, a BMW. But it is not loud, and it drives smoothly and tight.

I have thought American muscle cars as useless and uncomfortable and poorly designed since I was a teenager. I have driven a lot of those cars, (‘63 Corvette Stingray, ‘68 Shelby GT 350 Mustang, ‘68 Toronado, ‘66 GTO, ‘72 Camaro) and Detroit never learned the elegance and true motoring capability of the automobile.

It is the clumsy awkwardness of NASCAR compared to the insouciant finesse of Formula 1.

Noise is wasted energy. And Hot Rods are designed to go a quarter mile and that’s it. I’d rather have a car that can drive up Highway 1 from Malibu to San Francisco in three hours.

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I have a muscle car relic in my barn. I parked it there in 1987 and t has been there ever since. One of these days I’ll get it fixed.

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I have a ‘66 T-Bird that is pretty fast and pretty loud but not muscle car loud which it easily could be if I modified the exhaust which I won’t do no matter how much my teenage sons beg me to.

I also have a 2014 SHO that is crazy fast and pretty loud when I open it up.

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While I do like North American vehicles I do prefer quiet ,and good fuel economy, see I have to work for a living and have to pay for the gas myself,and prefer not to throw my money away on something that gets poor fuel economy.

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I have a Taurus station wagon. My last car was an 88 Crown Victoria. The Taurus is quiet. The Crown Vic was loud.

I never exceeded the speed limit in either. I like the fact that my Taurus uses less fuel than the Crown Vic.

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At one point my husband had a Porsche that was quite loud, and thank goodness he quieted it down. You can hear our sports cars when they are nearby and first starting to accelerate, but it’s not too annoying loud.

I think loud card are a nuisance.

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I have a Honda – less than a year old. Very middle of the road as far as everything goes.

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My car has a hundred seats, several toilets, 2 floors, immunity to congestion, and a chauffeur.

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747? Train?

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Nope. It’s a quiet (often silent) and energy-efficient Prius.

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Quiet but very fast, it will do a quarter mile in less than 13.7 seconds at 107 MPH. That is faster time and speed than a 1969 Mustang Super Cobra Jet made for drag racing.

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Only when i’m late for a meeting & the chauffeur panics.

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Quiet, slow, small, and old-lady blue. Suits me fine, except that I wanted a slightly more dangerous shade of blue.

I note that you didn’t ask responders whether they’re American. Does that make any difference to your survey? Some aren’t.

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The loudest car I have ever owned was a ‘65 Comet with a blown exhaust manifold donut. Got my friend a ticket and almost got me shot by an over-zealous trooper.

Presently I drive a 97 Ford F150, not exactly a muscle car.

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Can I ask why the hell would you want something that attracts car thieves and the authorities attention??
I would want something quiet and unobtrusive and go like a rocket as to not attract attention .

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He likes spending lots of money on petrol to idle in heavy traffic on the way to the overpriced gym in the big, modern city in which he lives. Obviously.

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@SQUEEKY2 My car is a Ford four door sedan, it is not a target car like a Honda or Toyota for theft and cops just look at another sedan.

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Modified DC2 Integra:

Fast yes. Not very loud (exhaust note) despite catalytic converter delete. Exhaust is otherwise stock. (I want a fun car, not a cop magnet).

Free flow intake does make a lovely howl though.

Interior noise? Somewhat elevated due to stiffer suspension, larger wheels (plus 1) and very rigid tires. Also, noise abating materials have been removed from interior.

Thick aluminum ASR rear crossmember brace with poly mounted 24MM hollow swaybar is noisy depending on ambient temperature but a small price to pay for the quick and neutral handling and response.

Modified shift linkage with poly mounts make shift inputs quite audible but the solid, fast and tactile snap is pleasing.

Somewhat tiring to drive long distances. (The car is not a proper grand tourer), but the nearly perfect dynamic balance, exceptional roadholding and near telepathic lane shifts make it totally worth it.

Is it a hot rod?

Technically yes as the classic formula of power boosting combined with mass reduction has been applied. Also, in hot rodding tradition I have made as many of the modifications as possible myself.

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