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What is your secret to happiness?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 12th, 2016

I ran across this wise man fable about the secret to finding happiness. I agree with the premise that you should stop and take the time to “smell the roses” as there is a lot of beauty in the world we may miss out on seeing if we never take the time to look. I know I am at my happiest when I am out in nature and able to soak in the beauty all around me and I try to get out for a walk at least once a week and on the weekends explore an area I have never been to before.

Also, knowing my family is healthy and happy and having a close friend to talk to is my secrete to my happiness. What is yours?

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a faulty long term memory allows me to be happy most of the time.

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Keeping the naughty, mischievous, cheeky, fun loving child in me, not only alive & well, but at the forefront the majority of the time.
That & tons of cash & sex & titties & sports & millions of everything.

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Adventure, laughter, loving my partner and being loved, and hot sex.

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@rojo That made me laugh out loud! :D +5

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Managed expectations.

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Hobbies, occasional bit of scotch

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Decide what you want – then make it happen.

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(what movie? who said it? and for an extra 5 points, what famous song came out of that movie?)

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Two words…The Graduate. Sound of Silence. One of my all time favorite movies.

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Mean Girls”: Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan)? Milkshake?

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Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson! Benjamin.

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Positive thinking or, as I like to say, fake it till you make it.

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Time alone to read, rest, watch what I want on TV, be on the computer, taking a ride in the car, whatever.

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Pretty much all I need is friends, family, a safe place to live, and some time out in nature. There are some other things that definitely boost happiness- getting enough sleep and eating healthy, creative outlets, pets, exercise and helping others.

(If I could plan a perfect day, it might be something like getting up early, going for a walk on the beach, painting or reading a bit, and then cooking and eating dinner with friends and family and they all get along with each other, lol.)

You can have a happy life just about anywhere with those ingredients. I used to think I’d be happy if I moved out of DC or got a certain job. Those things could very well improve my quality of life, but as it stands, I’m pretty happy right now.

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My ex-husband used to look at other people and covet their possessions. He always looked outward and thought the grass was greener. Consequently, I don’t think he was a very happy person. In contrast, I looked at those same people and realised while they might have a bigger and newer car, they might also have a bigger car loan. So I try not to measure my own success and happiness by what I perceive as other people’s success. Instead I try to remember how lucky I am. And I am lucky. Even if I don’t have a good job, I live in a country where I can get help and I can get healthcare. I have clean water. Clean air. The list is endless. I think spending some time mindfully considering what’s good in my life, instead of focusing on the negatives, helps me to be a very happy person.

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Focus on what I have in life that makes me happy. Try to be in the moment. Plan future events so I have something to look forward too.

What I really need to work on is my disappointment and anger. I think both are dragging me down at various times in my life. I have a really hard time with injustice and people taking advantage. I think I also need to work on listening to my own judgement and not being swayed by others. Floating in life too much is causing me regret, stress, and some unhappiness.

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I always have an entertaining and intellectually-fulfilling project in the works.

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