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What's the one thing you continue to do even though you know it's bad for you?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) July 24th, 2008

I personally like to enjoy a Marlboro Menthol light when I’ve had a nip of my favorite alcoholic beverage. I do not consider myself a smoker in the least, but man, give me Bacardi and give me a fag!

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Eat McDonalds french fries.

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I enjoy alcohol… in many forms and sometimes (ok, often times) in excess.

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Gimmedat, you KNOW my answer to this question, the initials are KM.

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DRINK Not every day- but is is vital to my parenting skills to once in a while MELLOW OUT.

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What Allie said. And I smoke too.

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@JP is that combination what got you into that fight the other night??

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A frat boy accosting one of my best friends is what caused the fight.
but I was drinking that night

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I eat lots of sugar; I am a sugar junkie. Sometimes I really, really, really want a cigarette, but I refrain; one puff and I’m hooked.

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Smarties are my vice

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Ooohhh, I love smarties!

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I am lactose intolerant. Tonight I ate nachos even though I did not have my pills. I am kicking myself for it.

But they were delicious.

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Stay up until 3:00 a.m. But contrary to what my family says, I don’t think it’s bad for me unless they wake me up sooner than noon!

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mcdonaldsssss. hands down.

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fast food, diet coke

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Fast food and junk food. I weighed 200 lbs 2yrs ago, last year I weighed 320. I now weigh 280. I’m only 5’8”. I used to compete in Martial Arts tournaments. I took Go Ju Ryu Karate Do with sensai Satake, also trained with an MMA fighter in the arts of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

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Now I’m just trying to get back into shape.

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Smoke, smoke, smoke! I know it’s gonna’ kill me, but you know, SOMETHING’S got to! I feel enormous guilt over it, but I really, really love it.

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Consume alchol too much too often

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Smoke weed and drink. I also eat a lot of junk food, and wish I could eat healthier.

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Sex. I’m not on birth control but I use condoms and I’m always scared it’s gonna break and I’ll get pregnant. Not to mention, I’m not in a relationship the guy I’m having sex with. I mean, we like each other but we’re not committed.

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Smoke cigarettes and often don’t get enough sleep because I love staying up all night.

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and worry

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Alcohol, Marijuana, Cigarettes (only right after the Alcohol or Marijuana), and lately homemade Kreteks as well.

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One thing???
I smoke, I drink, I drink coffee (and none of that decaf-pretend-coffee!), I eat fat, sugar, carbs, salt…...I sit on my ass every opportunity I get, I keep things in if I think letting them out might hurt others, I drive when I could walk, I stay up late when I know I need to be up early…...I could go on..

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@wildflower, you’re my hero.

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@wildflower: you’re my hero too!!!

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sleep really late and procrastinate. (sleeping late is ok for those who don’t wake up early with a killer headache)

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@wf You sound like fun!

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Aww….you guys are too cool!! There’s an expression, which doesn’t translate great, but goes something like:
“Anything that’s good is either immoral, unhealthy or fattening”’s so true!

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@wildflower, you are indeed a hero to all of us who would rather live in the world of vices. I have such a hard time believing that I can’t have all of my vices without them interfering in all of the day-to-day things I have to do. You know, raise kids, pay bills, work, shower, drive, etc. Ugh.

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you suck. big time.

why announce this.
get a life.

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That was really rude and uncalled for!

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I checked & it looks like cecil is gimme’s kid…still seems pretty disrespectful.

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Yeahh I guess its disrespectful, but really lets look at the big picture why announce bad things you do, WHY even do them. I think when people turn to things such as alcohol or drugs they’re trying to fill a hole within themselves. You’re hurting yourself first of all, and it’s not a very good example.

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Let me get this straight; your mum sharing that she enjoys the occasional drink and smoke is justification to treat her with disrespect?
I’m sorry, I disagree.

As for drinking being a way to ‘fill a hole’, I also disagree. Personally I have a very strong rule to never drink on a bad mood and usually my margaritas are a way to celebrate!

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Thanks for everyone who pointed out that the girl is being disrespectful. She knows it. Apparently she is not so keen on my sharing personal details of my life wit people I don’t know. Wow, I can even embarrass her online! I rock!

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Yes. Yes, you do. Ultimate mum! ;)

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