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Must see/visit places in SF?

Asked by KirillN (73points) July 24th, 2008

I have a close friend from Russia coming to stay for the weekend at the end of August. He’ll have 2 days and I wanted to show him around.

What places you think we should visit in San Francisco?

My plan was to knock down the usual suspects in the first day – Golden Gate Bridge, GG park, Haight&Ashbury, downtown, bay bridge/treasure island, cable cars up Powell St, Chinatown, North Beach, Lombard. Maybe Castro.

I also was going to do a foodie/culture tour – burritos in Mission, sushi in Japantown, etc. We also thought about hitting an Irish pub somewhere. I know it’s a bit cliche but it’s his first time in US and in SF. He is well traveled otherwise.

I’m looking for places that are distinctly “San Francisco”.

Please help with suggestions. Thank you!

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Check this thread from a few weeks ago. There are a few suggestions from me and others that you might like.

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You could do Pier 39, Make sure you ride BART too. A trip to Berkeley isn’t distinctly San Francisco, but it would be worth it.

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A boat ride. Alcatraz? Tiburon? A visit to Sausalito? What, no dim sum?

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i would skip haight ashybury. its a HUGE letdown. instead maybe check out an area in golden gate park…..

def eat burritos. i think we have the best in the world.

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I love going to Chinatown as well as going across the Golden Gate bridge. At&T Park is nice too for Giant games.

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