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Does the new, Curvy Barbie (featured on the cover of Time, Feb 8, 2016) have "muffin top"?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38693points) January 30th, 2016

I was wondering how far they went to actually make her body shape more “realistic and representative of actual women” and “reflect a feminist culture shift”.

I’m sure not going to check!

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From the pictures I saw it looked more like wide hips than muffin top.

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No muffin top?


Not that I’m surprised. I’ve not seen the doll but I imagine it will observe the plus size so called status quo and not be nearly thick enough.

If Mattel really wanted to impress me Barbie would come with nice squishy parts in the bust, tummy and thighs.

Okay. Let’s go all the way. Thick barbie should have impossibly fair skin, far to much eye makeup, blonde hair with pronounced roots, too many now quality tattoos and a navel piercing.

Plastic miniskirt, torn fishnet stockings and crack pipe sold separately.

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Here’s the Time article and side view photo. There is definitely a never-before-seen-on-a-Barbie paunch.
I wonder if Ken has been downgraded to 2-pack abs.

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Sigh “curvy” Barbie’s calves and upper arms are too thin.

She should have a rear you can set your Old Fashioned on.

Maybe we will have a true PAWG Barbie in 30 years…

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still waiting for transsexual barbie

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I’m kind of torn between “traditional” Barbie being thin and a role model for girls to aspire to be, weight wise, and/or the new Barbie being more realistic but yet, not really the best weight for a girl to be, if it were real life.

I’m aware that if traditional Barbie’s proportions were put on a real woman, it would be unrealistic and impossible, but yet the thin figure that she had could be seen as an inspiration.

Just my two cents.

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@ragingloli I’m waiting for Bitch Barbie as well as Classic Gothic Lolita Barbies such as Sweet Lolita Barbie, Gothic Lolita Barbie, Punk Lolita Barbie, and Aristocrat Lolita Barbie.

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@jca: I have been small and curvy my whole life (well, not “curvy” as a pre-pubescent) and aspiring to be tall and thin would have resulted in great frustration for me. Fortunately for me, She was just one in a series of Jungle Explorers (I read the Tarzan books at an early age) or spaceship crews (Harrison, Heinlein, Asimov) and detectives, (Doyle and Christie) so it didn’t really matter that she was unnaturally thin.

She’s “curvy” Barbie, and her clothes fit. Muffin tops are about ill-fitting garments, nothing more.

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@kritiper: How about Aristocat Barbie that’s half girl, half cat?

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Looks more like “Blimpina, or Barblard”, but i guess we can start teaching the young girls that unhealthy eating overweight Barbies are OK, and thus they can do likewise, they will always find a Ken that loves all that “butter” ~~~

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Create your own trans Barbie. Just like in real life F to M will be easier and more convincing:

Dremel off Barb’s breasts, use a marker to create facial and body hair, clipping her hair into a Chelsea should be no problem.

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still waiting for transsexual barbie
Just take Ken and put a frock on him. ~~

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^That would be Crossdresser Barbie

Female Impersonator Barbie.

Drag Queen Barbie.

What have you.

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So, @Hypocrisy_Central, if a woman isn’t shaped like traditional Barbie you think she’s gross and unhealthy? With those criteria for you to find a woman attractive, do you ever get laid?

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I have no idea; I don’t know what a muffin top is. I’ll go check Urban Dictionary.

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Molly : Muffin Top means puffy abdomen, similar to the top of a muffin.

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@canidmajor […if a woman isn’t shaped like traditional Barbie you think she’s gross and unhealthy?
First off, there are very few women who have a ”Barbie shape” naturally. However, that doesn’t mean women the shape of the New Barbie have a natural (at least not as life had it when society was active) shape, and one that beams health. But women like that need not worry much anymore, the newer generation of guys have been indoctrinated to see that as normal even sexy, so there are enough guys wanting to go to the ”thick girl rodeo” that they can get a ride .

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Oh, @Hypocrisy_Central, that’s just silly. Healthy, active, pre-modern-technology (read: leisure time spent in front of a screen, phone, computer or otherwise) were as diverse in shape as those Barbies. The level of ignorance about basic human anatomy as your responses would indicate is just a shame.
Enjoy your celibacy. <eye roll>

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My muffin top is all that, whole-grain, low-fat…

To me it doesn’t look like it, but she does seem to be a little bottom-heavy.

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“Muffin top” is the flesh that poofs up and over the top of the pants like a muffin in a muffin pan after baking. I don’t think they would make Barbie that overweight to create a true “muffin top.” “Curvy Barbie” just has more hips than conventional Barbie.

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If you look at the side view photo in the link, she definitely has a large stomach.

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Here is a good example of “muffin top” front and rear views.

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They would actually have to mold in those features into the hard plastic, or make the doll out of a soft rubber.

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I like Barbie in various shapes and sizes, but I also think nothing wrong with keeping Barbie slim. Not skinny, but I prefer not overweight. I don’t want young girls idealizing fat, unhealthy bodies. None of the Barbies look very overweight to me, so I don’t think any of them are so extreme that it worries me.

To me Barbie is the tall blonde doll that is thin, with c cup breasts. If Mattel makes other dolls they aren’t Barbie to me, they are some other name. I guess eventually I would get used to them all being called Barbie.

I never had a regular Barbie. I had a Marie Osmond doll. It was far from my favorite thing to play with. I also had a Barbie head that you could do the hair and make-up. I didn’t play with that much.

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