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How do I vote in the 2008 Presidential Election?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) July 25th, 2008

I moved from PA to NC a month ago. My driver’s license, license plate, and registration will be PA until December. (When I called the DMV, they said the best time to get everything changed is when you’re due for either registration or inspection. For me, that’s December.) So, even though I’m an NC resident now, all my shit will be PA through the 2008 election. Do I register to vote in NC? Is that permitted when I have still have only PA documents? It doesn’t seem like this is an appropriate situation for an absentee ballot because it’s not like I’m only in NC for a period of time and will be going back to PA.

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When my husband and I moved in October 2004 from Washington to Florida, we had the same problem. We got an absentee ballot from Washington and voted in the Presidential election that way.

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@Marina: Doesn’t an absentee ballot imply that you’re actually a resident of another state, and you’re only in the other one temporarily?

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Absentee ballots are for people who can’t get to the polls in their home polling district. Doesn’t matter why.

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@chaosrob: But PA would not be my home polling district anymore, right?

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It’s still your district until you meet the residency requirements for your new home. I’d suggest you contact your local election clerk and ask what the residency requirement is for your area. Until you “reside” officially in a new place, you vote at the old one.

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@gofs Chaosrob is right. I asked in both states before doing it that way.

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