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In what ways can I make my roommate's life a living hell ?

Asked by beautifuldreamingstars (163points) February 7th, 2016

In what ways can I make my horrible roommate’s life a living hell ?

Obviously only legal answers apply….

She is a liar, thief, drama queen, horrible friend and person. She evicted her last 3 roommates for no reason (including me). She was also stealing and throwing away our other roommate’s personal mail.

Since I will be here for the next 30 days I was wondering what would be some ways to make her extremely uncomfortable?

I want to make her life a living hell just as she has done to mine by basically screwing me over and evicting me for absolutely no grounds.

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I know you’re in a really sucky situation with her right now, but I don’t think this is the right tactic. Especially since she has threatened suicide. Imagine how guilty you would feel if she actually went through with it.

Just move out as soon as you can and then enjoy not having her in your life anymore.

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Do not bathe/shower, do not change your clothes, and eat lots of beans.

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@Mariah She actually told me in person that she’s not suicidal and she didn’t mean what she said. I believe she said those things for manipulation and threats. I also caught her lying in the same conversation as well. It is not my responsibility if she is suicidal – even my therapist told me this.

As for me – I am suicidal. But that isn’t the point of this conversation. This is about betrayal.

While I understand that taking the “high road” is morally good – I can not and will not let her get away with screwing everyone over.

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@Mariah I do not feel guilty as I have shown her nothing but absolute love. I am suicidal. I have depression in my family and was suicidal earlier this year. I have suicidal thoughts but keep them to myself.

Me and my roommates truly believe she said those things to manipulate us. She later told me she wasn’t suicidal and is a happy person. She has put me through so much bullshit.

She doesn’t feel guilty at all for evicting her friends so why would I feel guilty for a little retaliation?

I was set to go to school this month for February. I can’t do that anymore since my time & energy will be spent on moving.

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@ragingloli That’s funny, but I enjoy smelling good and don’t like having gas. I’m going to bring a bunch of people over to the apartment so she gets kicked out.

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Order some liquid ass on amazon, in the states you should have fast delivery.

Strategically place it everywhere, if she has an auto air freshener somewhere, fill it up with that stuff before you leave for the last day.

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I read somewhere that a woman put shrimp in a hollow curtain rod that smelled up the whole house to get revenge on her ex husband that got to keep the house. He could never find the source of the stink.

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What is liquid ass exactly… ? Sorry I’ve never heard of that ? lol.


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@chyna Wow that is very creative lol…..... Would have never come up with that….. Too bad we don’t have curtain rods lol…. but I give kudos….

I was just thinking of having a bunch of loud and annoying friends over. That would get the eye of the management.

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Stand really close to her, pointing & laughing in her face, then follow wherever she goes yelling “personal space…personal space”

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@beautifuldreamingstars It’s a pretty potent, what I assume to be, swass like smelling liquid, apparently it’s caused some people to gag pretty hard or even vomit if they get a strong whiff of it.

Can’t find the video I recall, but I think this might sum it up pretty well, watching it now myself.

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Here’s one if you want to get murdered in your sleep lol

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@XOIIO I was thinking of something like that, or maybe fart bombs? My roomate is weird about her bathroom so I was thinking of having one of my guy friends take a big nasty crap in her toilet…. leave the door open and put a fart bomb… then when she comes home say my friend had to use the bathroom and I couldn’t find my keys… lol.

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@beautifuldreamingstars Just fyi it’s generally preferred here that you combine your messages rather than adding post after post of your own to a thread. Remember that you can edit a post up to ten minutes after you click Answer. As long as you see “Edit this response,” you can make changes and additions.

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Sorry I had no idea you could do that. Next time I’ll write messages in one bunch rather than individually.

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With a thread like this, I start to question the “no reason for eviction” claims.

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“The best revenge is living well.”

I’m totally with @Mariah and anyone else coming down on the side of rationality, adulthood and nobility. Yes, nobility.

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@canidmajor – There was no reason. I always paid rent on time, helped with her dog, cleaned up, etc. She even said thank you for all the help.

She also evicted all her other roommates/friends as well as screwed over one of our mutual friends.

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Well, you could make her go through the process of a legal eviction, which is not free and involves more than just giving you a letter saying “GTFO”. Make her demonstrate to a judge exactly why she wants you out and that she has the right to do so.

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@Seek That’s the thing – she has no reason or right to kick me out. Absolutely none. I even have physical proof of her saying how much I help with her house and how much she appreciates me. I also have proof of her threatening suicide, lying about stealing our roommate’s mail, etc…. I looked up all the “reasons” why someone would want to evict someone else….. I’m not in any one of those…. Failure to pay rent on time, having drugs in the house, loud noise, being dirty, etc…... None of those things I’ve done. She has a dog that she’s not even allowed to have that barks loud. She’s had roommates here when she wasn’t supposed to.

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People like her probably feed on drama. Like calling Donald Trump names he loves the attention and it just feeds the monster.
My advice would be to get the hell away from her. You can’t win in this situation you will just attract more problems.

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Then… When you say she is evicting you, what do you mean by that? Because if and when paperwork is filed, there usually has to be a reason given to remove someone from an established residence.

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She randomly gave me a 30 day eviction notice.

It’s not from the court. It’s just something she wrote and printed herself.

Then I proceeded to go to the manager and she didn’t even have a clue I was living here.

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Then that is just a notice that she’s going to file for eviction.

I’d gather my evidence and wait her out. Make her actually file. I’m sure she’ll love spending the filing fees when you call her bluff. It would also be entertaining to watch her explain how she has sublet your room without the permission of the property management.

That makes her in violation of her lease – not you.

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@Seek Yes exactly that’s what I was thinking. My friend said that it can be up to $800 when filing all that.

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So, instead of planting fish in the curtains, start collecting paperwork.

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@Seek Yeah thanks I do have the paperwork and all the evidence.

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For the remaining time you’re there, act out as if it’s a really long episode of iCarly, pure hell.

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@ucme I’ve never seen that show sadly :( What happens? I’ll look it up now lol….

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I was sympathetic until this thread. Here’s what you said in the other thread:
“This is a huge inconvenience for me, mental anguish…”
“I’m looking for a place and I am certain I will move by the 30th…..”
“However it’s not that….. It’s the principle behind this.”
So, basically, your feelings are hurt and you’re inconvenienced. No more inconvenienced than if the landlord suddenly decided to sell the property and give you thirty days notice.
Welcome to life. Grow up, get your shit together, and deal with it. Lesson learned, time to behave like an adult.

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Excuse me?

I actually do have my shit together. I actually have my shit more together than she does, but thank you for your concern. I was set and ready to start school in February and she knew this. She has no basis to evict me or the other roommates that were here.

I am a grown up and I’ve done nothing but treat her and the apartment with respect – as if it were my own home.

It’s not only the fact that she wrongfully evicted for no reason – it’s her screwing over me, our other roommate, threatening suicide, stealing and throwing away mail that isn’t hers, causing unnecessary drama, etc.

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Moving takes times, effort and money. I was set and ready to start school in February and she knew this. She screwed over our other roommate and screwed me over – after helping her, her dog, her issues, trying to be a good friend to her, etc. I actually do have my shit together more than her – which is why I was looking forward to starting school and my career.

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@canidmajor If the landlord needed to sell the property and gave me a notice to vacate in 30 days – sure no problem. Because the landlord has a reason. He is selling the property. She isn’t. She doesn’t have a reason and it’s been hell living with her and dealing with all the issues.

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Reason, no reason, not the issue. I get that you’re angry. I’ve had such situations in my life, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t. When the other roommates were told to leave, did it not occur to you that it might happen to you? If not, then you were naive. Yeah, it sucks, but really, were you physically threatened by this person? Did she damage your belongings? Did she throw your stuff on the street? Things could be so much worse (and have been, for myself and some others I know) that you really need to get some perspective.
Suck it up. Nobody died.
Unfollowing, now.

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@canidmajor Thank you for unfollowing – like I care lol. And if you unfollow my other posts too and block me, thanks.

I have not been physically threatened by her – although she did threaten suicide a few times.

I don’t know if she has damaged my belongings.

She mentioned about me taking my lock off from my room. With the evidence that she stole her roommate’s mail, I don’t feel safe not having a lock.

Suck it up? I am sucking it up. What is your point? Because I asked opinions and advice?

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@canidmajor Nobody died however she threatened suicide a few times to me and my other roommates.

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The woman is probably mentally ill. That would explain everything she has done. Be a decent human being, not someone set on revenge, it just makes you sound childish. Just move out and be done with her.

Next time, vet the landlord better. That’s all. There’s no reason to cause more chaos and make a bad situation worse.

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I won’t help you with that.

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I haven’t read any other responses. All I can say is, why bother? Surely you are better than that?

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^ @Adagio says it all.

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Since your roommate has asked you “out of the blue” to vacate the apartment, and you haven’t even got a clue what the problem might be, it sounds like you’re already at your goal.

Achievement unlocked! Well done, you.

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@beautifuldreamingstars has left the building.

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@chyna is correct I believe.

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