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What would you do without Google?

Asked by ukasaka (57points) July 25th, 2008

What kind of crazy world would that be?

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I’d use Yahoo.

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The internet was a dark time before google. I remember how hard it was to find what you were looking for. Especially if it was pictures, you’d have to search ”(subject) pictures” and then click on a million different sites looking through their images to find one you liked. EGH.

i <3 google

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Yahoo’s results suck and they’re nowhere near as relevant as Google’s. If there were no Google, the internet would be a much darker place, although I’m sure someone else would have cropped up who would have done what Google has done…maybe not as well though.

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I’d ask nikipedia.

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I would live my life like before Google, which in one sense was better even than with all the new technology.

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Go to the library a lot, and spend much longer searching databases, which is what I used to do.

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Hmmm, use more! Which honestly guys, would be 1 a good thing for competitive reasons, and 2, for some searches I really think yahoo does a better job.

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I’d spend a lot more money on programming books, that much is for sure. I write code for a living, and can now diagnose & solve most problems I run into in mere minutes using Google. Back in the pre-Google days, such answers were only to be had (1) in expensive books, or (2) by posting on Usenet or CompuServe and waiting hours or days for someone knowledgeable to hopefully respond.

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I would have used yahoo search.

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I’d be less of a smartarse.

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There would have been another Google by now. Perhaps even one with even better search technology.

Ah, I don’t use Google that much anyawy. When I need information, Wikipedia’s my friend (gotta love “External links” and the references). In fact, I only use Google when I’m too lazy too type .com or whatever in my address bar (which is always, when I go to Fluther I just type “fluther” and press enter).

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probably yahoo or some other cool new search engine company

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Well, I wouldn’t go to Yahoo. I’d probably use It is my second browser I use.

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