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How should I handle my neighbors garbage situation?

Asked by Chawk80 (128points) July 25th, 2008

My neighbor is stockpiling garbage in their back yard. On a windy day paper, water bottles, and oter refuse blows into my yard. I have even seen them mow over it as though it isn’t even there. Should I call an enviromental agency of some sort? I don’t want to cause a riff or any thing, but it is getting out of hand.

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I would. That can’t smell very good either.

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Does your neighborhood have an HOA? If so, call the president of the HOA and file a complaint. If not, find out what the zoning laws are for your area and, if they outlaw this type of thing, file a complaint with the city. ...or just man up and talk to your neighbors face to face and ask them to stop stockpiling garbage.

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Have you tried talking to them about it? You might be able to solve the problem without going to all that trouble. Sometimes a friendly conversation can do a lot.

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@la chica gomela – I totally agree

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But if you talk to them about it, the conversation goes nowhere, then the cops show up, they’ll know who called.

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I agree with Dave, if they become resentful they may take it out on you. Sometimes it’s nice for people to not know who called on them.

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@dave / dragonflyfaith – who do you think they’re going to think called the authorities on them? Someone on the other side of the city?

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Depending on the area, I’m sure they’re not the only neighbors. If they are, then that complicates things.

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You could use it as a convenient place to deposit your own trash. Sorry, not helpful.

There is no way that what they are doing is legal. Call the appropriate authorities. Such a thing is very unsanitary, and could lead to health problems.

Do what you gotta do!

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I have an idea of what i want to do, but I wanted to pick the Collective’s brain. There is about 9 houses in the subdivision. These guys are pretty redneck and not exactly the friendliest people in the world, especially the younger ones. Anyway thx for the thoughts.

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Oh yeah we do not have an HOA or I would have been all over that.

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My sister had this problem with her neighbors. She called the city and sure enough there was a zoning ordinance. The city has cited the neighbor numerous times. Alas, it has not improved the situation. Her neighbors still stockpile their garbage for monthly trips to the dump. I hope you have better results.

These fellows must have other neighbors, maybe the group of you could put your heads together.

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Do you know if they rent? A call to their landlord might help.

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I think they are doing a rent to own ttype of set up.

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Good idea jp.

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Could always tell them that the stockpiled trash is a “fire hazard” and see if you can get the unmentioned threat through to them. Although I definitely would not recommend actually acting on something like that.

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Ok, so since it’s blowing out of their yard, isn’t that considered littering?

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It is not only a fire hazard but it is a major health hazard. Stockpiling leads to rodent infestation.

The legal owner of the property and any leinholders should be informed as well as the health and fire department if needed.

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@leb0wski that is hillarious. “see if you can get the unmentioned threat through to them.” Nice!! Don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. I also thought about letting my dog have a garbage party over there. He would be in heaven. I can barely keep him out of my cans. I agree dragonflyfaith I am picking up after every storm so I am inclined to beleive it is littering as well.

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Yeah it’s not fair to you. It’s one thing if he wants trash all over his yard but now it’s in your yard too. I had to report a neighbor of mine for leaving a bag on the sidewalk over a long weekend. (We live in an apartment). I guess he thought we had trash pickup but it sat there for four days and reeked. It was nasty.

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I would file a complaint to them. What jerks! lol.

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I’m having similar problems with my neighbors right now. There are 6 students in the house stock piling garbage in their garage. Currently there is at least 15 bags of grabage and unfortunately for the neighborhood they’re beginning to leave their garage open making the entire street smell awful. Secondly, they’re in a band and bang the damn drums all day and I’m fed up. We spoke to them a few times trying to be nice about it, looking for solutions. Now we’re fed up and we’re slamming them for everything in the book. Property standards for the garbage, excessive noise for the band, and fire department because it’s a rooming house. And if that doesn’t work I’m going to set up a residents assocation or petition a letter to the city. I’ve already spoken to the neighbors to help increase our numbers and make our concerns known. Can you imagine the health consequences of that amount of garbage? Rats, raccoons, cockroaches, disease you name it. I’ve got three numbers I can phone, by-law enforcement, region of peel health, and petition to council. So if you’re afraid just speak to your neighborhors and I’m sure they feel the same way. I’ll let you know how the letters work out.

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I have exactly the same problem. Our neighbor stockpiles trash. We are in a pretty rural area so there is only four houses near to her. The problem is not really just habit. I believe it might be a mental illness for the neighbor. The worst part of the problem is that our water well is on this lady’s property. She throws away the trash but stockpiles large amounts of cardboard boxes and the like. We will be hooking up to city water shortly. But we would prefer to find a way to help her with her illness rather than just call the city.

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same problem over here too! kinda sad when I have to swat flies when I sit on my porch my neighbor just has tons of soda cans at leaste she recycles but I wish she could do it more than once every three years! thinking of getting her a few large trash bins but that might be an insult I tend to just let things go!

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