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Cheap Cables?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) July 25th, 2008

Does anyone know of a place, or a website, that sells composite cables (yellow, white, red) in odd lengths, like 1 foot?

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Google is your friend. You can find what you’re looking for very easily online. Don’t bother with going to any store, unless you need it immediately, and if that’s the case, look for a mom and pop in your area, stay away from the chains (Best Buy, Radioshack, etc)

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i’ve gogoled it, and it seems like no one makes them in 1 foot lengths (but i only tried the first couple of results). The shortest length i found was for 3 ft ($7.99) link . hope this helps

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big lots. you can buy $6 hdmi cables there. it’s hit and miss on whether or not they have rca cables. you could go to goodwill pull one off an old vcr and probably pay a quarter for it. Good luck.

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I’ve always had good luck at

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Try eBay or Amazon, or even a radio shack / Meritline online store. If you still cant find anything, trying contacting a cable manufacturer and asking someone there where you might find such cables.

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