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What painting has a front and back about the end of the world?

Asked by owenburnett (183points) February 23rd, 2016

My nephew was showing me a drawing he did that had a front and back. So, I told him about this really cool painting I saw once that reminded me of his drawing, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of the artist, title, or where I saw it. The subject was (I believe) the end of the world, with the front side as the earth, and when you go to the back, you would look through a circular glass opening and you can see a hellish earth. I think there was a raven involved in the title. The art museum I think I saw it in was the Art Institute in Chicago. My other guesses are in the MOMA in New York, Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna, or the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. Any insight would be much appreciated!

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Tea_Gryphon's avatar After searching around, in the link there’s something that depicts just the earth but when opened it shows a hellish earth on the other side.. I highly doubt that’s what you’re talking about since there isn’t a circular glass opening, but I figured I’d give it a small shot in the dark.

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There’s a show of that painter in my country right know – I really should be going there. Looks like a wonderful painting!

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@Vincentt Bosch is amazing.

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@Tea_Gryphon Thanks, but no, that’s not the artwork I am thinking of. It was very much like a Bosch painting though in that there was a lot of small details. Another thing I remember about the piece is that it was in the middle of the room, and not hung up on the wall, so you can see the front and the back.

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@zhu2614 no, that is not it either :(

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Ah, now that this question popped up there, I should mention that I did go to visit the Bosch show, and it was pretty amazing. Going by the description above, if you liked that, you really should check out Bosch’s work :)

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