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Why does hybrid's my miles per gallon ratio go down significantly when i use my ac?

Asked by genevievejones (112points) July 25th, 2008

yeah i said it. i drive a dented used hybrid.

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The AC uses battery power, so while you have it running the engine must use gasolene power so that there is extra electricity for the AC.

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Even having your windows down will use more fuel too – it will create more drag on the car. Best is to just have the fan going w/o AC

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Even if you did not have a hybrid, the AC requires power and burns fuel faster.

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Because using the air-conditioning burns fuel. Even people who have regular cars will turn off the AC if they are driving around looking for a gas station. Try running your solely on battery power, and then try running the AC.

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Most people don’t know the AC uses 5 to 7 hp. No matter how you power it, it will still need those horsepower ratings. “There ain’t no such a thing as a free lunch”

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