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What do I do about this stomach pain?

Asked by Facade (22902points) November 3rd, 2009

I woke up with pretty bad stomach pains. It feels like gas, but it isn’t going away. The pains are all over the entire front of my abdomen and kind of in my lower back. I’ve been drinking water, but it hurts to move :( It also hurts if I press on my stomach if that means anything.
It’s been about an hour now…

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Maybe, you have to poop?

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Go to the doctor instead of asking us! Even if we were medical doctors, we cant see you!

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@jmah That’s what I thought. It didn’t help

@mowens I’m not going to the doctor

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Do you have a doctor? If so call her if you will not go to her.

Do you have access to a community ‘walk-in’ clinic? If so, go there.

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@Facade try web md it usually helps me out

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There’s a lot to consider. Do you have a fever? How would you rate the pain on a scale of zero to 10 where 0 is no pain at all, and 8 or above means you can’t focus on anything but the pain?

In the lower abdomen, the short list includes GYN, urinary tract, GI tract or musculoskelatal. Could range from minor/self limited to serious, and as @mowens pointed out, we can’t see you. Any other symptoms?

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No other symptoms. The pain is about a 7 as long as I sit still. An 8 if I move.
If you took your hand and put it horizontally right under your ribs and ran it down to just under your belly button, that’s where it hurts. That whole area where your hand was. Like a tight, sharp pain.

@JONESGH web md was no help

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@Facade I’m sorry :/, you should probably call a doctor if it’s not better by this evening..

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It sounds like gas pains to me. I’ve experienced a similar type of pain (judging by your description). Try taking some gas reliever meds. Maybe GasX? If it’s not improved by tonight I would definitely call the doctor. Feel better :)

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@ItalianPrincess1217 Yea, I’m hoping it’s just that. And thanks

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@Facade Go to your local pharmacy and get some Pepto tablets (I crunch ‘em and down ‘em with water). I hope you don’t have a virus in your digestive tract. What you’re describing either sounds like a gas bubble or the start of a roto-virus taking hold, to me.

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I think we have pepto tablets. I can chew em?

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@Facade Yes. Just chew and/or down w/water. They should help you feel better in 20mins or less. If you don’t feel better in that amount of time, then I’d suspect it’s the start of a virus.

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could you be ovulating? it’s called middelschmertz[sp?] i used to feel it.

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@faye The pain isn’t near my ovaries, so I don’t think so

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Sorry for the delay, I was seeing a couple of patients.

Another possibility I would consider is gallbladder – it’s on your upper right but sometimes the pain will be more midline. Usually brought on by high fat foods. If it’s that, it will usually get better after a few hours but return when you eat something you shouldn’t.

Re: GYN, any possibility you could be pregnant?

And urinary system, kidney stone will usually cause pain more on the flank/back not where you’re describing.

If you bear down while standing, can you see any sort of outward bulge where the pain is?

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@MagsRags Actually, the pepto has helped considerably. The pain’s not completely gone, but it feels like gas moving on through. Yay!

@all Thank you very much :)

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@Facade hope you’re all better by tonight :)

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Every time I look at web MD it always tells me I have AIDS or Cancer…. there doesn’t seem to be any small disease on there.

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