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Is it hard to pick "one"?

Asked by wildflower (11162points) July 26th, 2008

Do you find it immensely difficult to pick “one” thing when answering questions like one thing you’d change, one thing you want, etc?
I do!

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Usually if one thing doesn’t clearly stick out in my mind I just say something sarcastic.

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Yes. When is it not difficult to ‘pick one’. I find making these decisions hard whatever I’m doing, online or in real life. Sometimes I guess with the fluther questions I know exactly what I want to pick/do/have/see/hear/blow up/go back in time to/eat/etc other times I can be sitting on the fence. Sometimes I don’t know at all!

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@trumigoodboy: Haha. xD

On topic: Yes. I hate those questions. I usually just say multiple things until they give up.

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“Life is like a box of chocolates…”

Wow, never thought I’d have the occasion to quote Forrest Gump, here’s my chance hehe

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I had an answer to this, but then I sneezed really hard, and I must’ve blown it right out of my skull because I don’t remember now. :(

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Not difficult, just pointless (speaking for myself only).

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variety is good

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Yes. The premise of the question makes for uninteresting conversation.

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No, I do not find it difficult at all.

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