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Music lovers, what sort of playlists do you have?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5489points) March 6th, 2016 from iPhone

Be it on your smart phone, mp3 player, desktop media application or music streaming service etc.

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I curate the following running playlists:

Chill Music
Dance it Up
Fantastic Folk
Funky Funk
Heart & Soul Rock & Roll
Jazzy Fun
Nothin’ But the Blues
Rock & Roll Baby
Wonderful Women

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On Pandora I have created these stations:

Acoustic blues
Priscilla Herdman (folk soprano)
Chris Rea
Tom Rush
Steeleye Span

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Metal, blues, classical and electronica

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My self selected play lists (as opposed to “genius generated” playlists) are mostly focused on themed road trip music.

I have one I call “Gaviota” which is for starting in Buellton CA on the way south on US 101 heading into Santa Barbara.

I have a long one to start playing in Grand Junction CO that takes you into Moab UT. And I have another for driving from Sonora CA into Yosemite.

And of course, one I made for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago.

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Most of my tunes are guitar and piano instrumentals and a smattering of Nora Jones.

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I maintain lists and groups in several ways.

In Pandora, when I save “an artist” or “a song”, the application itself creates random lists of performers and songs based on the style of the originally selected artist or particular song. So there I have about fifty or so “radio stations” based upon groups whose overall body of work I enjoy, and some individual songs whose mood, melody and feel I would like to see duplicated elsewhere. I love the way Pandora introduces me to new music.

On the iPod that I listen to while I drive I never have a playlist; that’s always set to “random”.

On the computer I maintain a TiddlyWiki (at, and boy am I going to be sorry to see that domain shut down at the end of the year) where I just collect several hundred (so far) YouTube and Vevo and other collections of new and interesting songs and groups and things to look into.

Then there’s always Amazon Music, which I’ve only started to use, and Evernote…

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Lady Gaga
Lana Del Rey
Bruno Mars
The Rippingtons

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