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What do you think about yahoo answers?

Asked by berocky1 (698points) July 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I know nothing will ever beat fluther

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I have used it for info if it turns up in a Google search for something. I was never temped to join or even browse around the site.

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I don’t think it’s anything compared to Fluther! But like JP I’ve browsed yahoo answers when a question i’ve asked on google shows up.

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I’ll skip. I was at 7th level there once and they banned me for writing to spammers msg as ” Stop Spamming” or “Reported” like 3 to 5 times .
I use Fluther and Askpedia.

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I don’t really think about it….never used it, briefly glanced at what came up in google searches, but can’t recall a single time I used that.
is “flutjer” the new Dutch version of Fluther?

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It’s messy, inefficient and hard to use compared to fluther.
You might think that they’re collective is larger and wider than ours, but since fluther is so much easier to use and to find questions that you can answer, it makes fluthers collective as wide as yahoos + better layout, people ect.

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well it’s no Fluther.

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I’ve never seen it, actually.

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One nice thing about Fluther is that it is small. I feel like I know a good deal about most of the regulars. Like when I needed advice about my ears I knew that shilolo was a doctor and I could trust his advice. I can’t say that I would have had the same level of trust at yahoo answers. And at yahoo answers someone would have probably told me to take birth control pills to fix my ear.

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I was on yahoo answers when it was first released but the lack of intelligence started to get me. I really like that most people on fluther use full words rather than txtspeak.

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As everyone else has said, I’ve gotten consistently better answers from Fluther than from Yahoo.

Yahoo was a neat idea. Too many people without enough thinking, though.

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I recall joining it a few months ago. Took me a good 30 minutes to register an utterly useless yahoo account. Another ten minutes to get introduced to yahoo answers. Searched for some questions to answer, found a good one, took me about 7 minutes to figure out that you can’t answer questions already answered (how retarded is that?).

I left

Few months later, I’m here.

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Abyssmal! You get schlocky answers from amateur drive-by speculators. There’s no judgment, no reprisal. Only rarely does an actual eureka response occur on Yahoo! Answers. Fluther is the way to go instead.

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Nothing yahoo for me, thanks! Tried it…DIDN’T like it. Think of the definition of the noun “yahoo” rather than the interjection and you’ll have the idea.

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