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Would you be your friend?

Asked by Tea_Gryphon (517points) March 16th, 2016

Knowing how you, yourself, are.. would you want to be friends with you? Knowing how you treat others, your quirks, your idiosyncrasies, habits, etc. What about a relationship?

Sometimes, I feel like I would get annoyed being friends with someone that was me, knowing how I am. That’s why most of my friends/relationships are opposites in a lot of ways, and opposites do definitely attract in my case.

Just curious to see how others look at themselves.

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Well the beauty of it would be that I certainly would know what to expect.

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Absolutely. haha
I’m a great friend.
I am kind, generous, understanding, mostly non-judgmental, and I am emotionally stable, no weird hot & cold crap, moodiness, I show up exactly the same consistently.

People often say that they always know where they stand with me, no guessing games.

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Yeah, I wish I knew many more like me. :-) especially since we like a lot of time to ourselves, it’d be nice if there were more.

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Yes. I like who I’ve become.

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It would be difficult, as both myself and I are introverted and tend to be really bad at making and keeping social engagements.

Most of my closest friends are ENTP-types (like @Coloma) who basically vomit rainbows on my gloomy arse.

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That smug, self-important, pious hypocrite? Not a chance, though I do admire his movie collection and beautiful wife.

Self-hatred is a terrible blessing and a wonderful burden.

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I give me and I about 2 hours, tops, before we’re trading punches.

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Maybe but things could get complicated when we fuck each others brains out.

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I’d be my lover.

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@janbb You’re not already? I don’t think I’ve met anyone else who can claim that!

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For sure. Although I know my friend (me) would be busy so I wouldn’t be expecting them to be in touch all the time or organising to catch up regularly.

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I’m a loner; I’m too independent. At least the other me would understand that.

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@Seek Haha, yes, but the rainbow machine can shut down when under a lot of stress and start vomiting toads and lumps of coal.

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I have a friend in real life who is almost exactly like me, but two years younger. We spend SO MUCH time enthusing about cute dogs, it’s a miracle that anything ever gets done. We randomly text each other smiley faces throughout the day and say positive things about other people behind their backs. I made her a home cooked meal and she brought me girl scout cookies at work.


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@Darth_Algar LOL No no let’s not throw punches! Hahahaha

@Coloma Lumps of coal are no bueno, but toads are cool. I like toads. Toads can come with the rainbows.

And to clarify.. I believe I’m an awesome friend for people.. but just knowing how my personality is.. others whom share my personality type very closely tend to get on my nerves haha.

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No. It takes a special person to get along with me and I don’t have the patience. I’m too much of an introvert and loner. I get along well with extroverts who need a sidekick.

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I agree with the other introverts. I’m too much hard work to get to know and I just don’t have energy to invest in getting to know other people. I have very few friends.

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Myself and I would like each other, I think, but we’d never spend any time together so the friendship would have to be able to withstand that. We both flake on plans and we like our alone time, damn it!

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I’d probably be a good friend to myself, because we’d both understand that we’re not always available for long phone calls but can email, text and communicate via social networking often. We’d both understand eating out styles, shopping styles and getting together styles.

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