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If this US election were a movie...[see details]?

Asked by ucme (50031points) March 16th, 2016

Who would play the lead roles?
What genre?

Also, would there be a sequel?

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I’m terrible with assigning celebs to roles I feel would fit, but I feel the genre would definitely be a dramedy (comedic drama).
There would be a prequel (how our candidates got to where they’re at), present (their battle for power), and sequel (life during the resulted outcome). A trilogy.
Rated PG13 because teens need to be included so they can see just how crazy this has gotten and how much their votes do matter on an individual basis.

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Forgot to add arguably the most important part, what would be the title?

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The movie is called “redneck kindergarten cop”, and it does not star any adult actors because they quit right after shooting started. And the director quit, too, so it is literally just a bunch of inbred kids, played by talentless inbred baby child actors flinging shit at each other for 2 hours.
The movie is rated FSK6

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It would be called The Great Wall of Trump and its sequel would be Humpty Trumpty. They are part of an epic fantasy.


King Humpty Trumpty – Donald Trump.
The brave knight – Barack Obama
All the kings men – All Republican politicians
All the kings horses – All Republican voters
The wizard of a distant land – Bernie Sanders
The warrior princess – Hillary Clinton

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Nick Nolte must play the role of Trump. How perfect would that be? lol

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Trump should be played by Mel Gibson.

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Such movies have already been made. Each of these examples has a train wreck as its major plotline.

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Isn’t it mostly one already? At least, the version on TV. Trump’s a TV star – he can play himself.

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Shutdown; starring Donald Trilton and Hillary Crump. A big budget horror.

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Jessie Ventura IS Donald Trump in…

“Fear And Loathing At The Mexican Boarder”

co-starring Lorraina Bobbitt as Hillary Clinton…

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Tommy Gavin as Trump
Edie Falco as Hillary
Alan Arkin as Bernie

During his acceptance speech at next summer’s Republican Convention, Trump reveals that it’s all been a billionaire’s prank based on a $1 bet made on the golf course with Rupert Murdoch. He chastises America for being so stupid, endorses Clinton and throws the election into chaos. Clinton dies laughing and Bernie wins the day.

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The Perfect Match; they met on the campaign trail, hated each other at first sight then fall in love. Gazing into each other’s eyes with a sunset in the background, America began to heal. Category: romance.

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Dennis Hopper has already played Donald Trump in the Super Mario Bros movie.

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Reservoir Dogs.

What candidate is what character depends on your political orientation, except that the police officer is the American public.

Outcome is the same.

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I just found the title for my movie on the net:

Forest Trump
“One day, for no particular reason, I just started running…”

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@Espiritus_Corvus LMAO! Brilliant. haha

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