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How to copy and paste on a macbook?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) July 26th, 2008

i just got a macbook, how can i copy and paste? i downloaded windows live messenger, then i restarted the computer, now i cant find it? where is it? and! is there anyway that i can set the touchpad to choose the option with double click?

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Copy is Command + C and Paste is Command + V

Most apps should adhere to those commands. And Command is the key directly to the right or left of the spacebar. Or the Edit menu should have those options.

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John answered your copy and paste question.

As for your messenger issue, what you probably did is download the messenger .dmg and just kept it mounted on your desktop. What you must do is drag the application in the mounted drive into your Applications folder. If you don’t do that, after you restart the drive will unmount. (you can also mount it again by opening the .dmg in the folder it was downloaded to)

For double click, not sure if It’s the same on the Macbook, but on my Macbook Pro go into Preferences go to touchpad and keyboard and you should be able to turn right click on by just putting two fingers on the touchpad and clicking.

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Congrats on your purchase! As for the .dmg, I’ll add that it is located in your downloads folder in your home folder; Safari places it there as a default location for downloading when using Safari as your web browser. You can go to the windows menu and choose downloads to see a small window that lists recent downloads made in the browser (although that’s just a list, not your actual downloads folder).

As for trackpad options, I think that option is there (personally I have mine set up to do the control (option on Mac) click function by placing two fingers on the trackpad and clicking the button. To configure this go to System Preferences (from the Apple Menu or from your dock), then click on the “Keyboard and Mouse” Preference button, then locate the tab labeled “Trackpad.”

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Just use the “command” key on a Mac instead of the “control” key on a PC should work on most keyboard shortcuts.

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