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What is the difference between Senior Web Developer position and Web Architect position?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) March 24th, 2016

After 12 years and lots of experince and success at my role as a senior web developer (client and server), I am now feeling ready for my next step in career – Web Architect. This is something
I really want for a long time.

This role is very rare position in the company (only few architect in the all company). All architect are old, while I’m only 30. Everyone around me agree the role fits for my skills, but there are few who said its not my time and I need more years and more experiance.
I was told I have not managed a lot of people cross teams, only memebers inside me team.

What are the important things you will be looking for in a candidate in that kind of a role?
How can I shine at this interview?

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Hard to say without knowing your company’s culture and the way the job descriptions are structured. however, you can get some clues from the Title.

An Architect designs the structure from scratch, from the ground up, and sets the rules and philosophy of how things interact. A developer creates things following the structure defined by the Architect.

One caveat about job titles and job growth: positions like Architect can be respected within a firm’s hierarchy, but they may be dead ends as far as promotions and greater responsibility. That is why you sometimes find older employees in positions like that.

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I have to agree with @zenvelo – in a large company, there are likely to be two distinct positions – architect and developer.

In a smaller company, (like where I work) the same person does both. To a degree it depends on what you’re working on – Saas, ecommerce, digital media, etc? and as @zenvelo said, the company culture.

How do you shine? Show mastery of both sides – the overall (big picture) architecture and the web skills to carry it out.

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What kind of terms are you on with the current Architects? Good enough to sit and pick their brains for a bit? You could write up a list of relevant, open ended questions and go from there.

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