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What do you covet?

Asked by cookieman (37792points) July 27th, 2008

For me, it is time alone. Something I never get enough of – but cherish when I do get it.

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Being able to lie in bed with someone, after waking up with them. Something I never get enough of – but cherish when I do get it.

(I think it is the best thing in the world)

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I wanted to say “my neighbor’s wife” but that would be too predictable.

I cannot get enough of being with my family. I don’t get to see them very often and when I do, I just feel like being all over them like a parasite. Every time I visit, they want to go out and take me places but all I want is sit next to them at home and stay up all night and shoot the breeze.

I would say that I probably covet my family more than any tech gadget (including mac stuff! gasp!) that I have ever lusted over.

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The freedom and means to travel as much as I want whenever I want.

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I cover time alone to work. It is my Zen in an otherwise chaotic life.

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In addition to what cprevite and marina already listed (alone time and travel), I very much covet, but don’t get anywhere near enough of:
– Breathtaking nature/scenery
– New things/people/places

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Sleep. I am so uncomfortable at night now, I guess my body is preparing me for being up all night with a newborn.

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@dragonflyfaith: I’m still rooting for Tuesday (my national day) :)

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My neighbor’s ass.

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@wf I’d be beyond happy with Tuesday, my doctor is on call that day!

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And oxen.

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Technology….i could never get enough of that…that and women’s breasts…

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Uninterupted (sp?) stretches of days to “putter” creative and productive, at my own pace.

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A debt free existence and financial security.

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The skill of cooking good food without even trying. I can cook, and I’m pretty good at it, but there are some people who can just throw something together and it’ll be delicious. My grandma is one of those people, but I don’t think I inherited that skill to the fullest.

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no worries.

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watching the clouds moving in the sky :)

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