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Which is better, Apple Music or Spotify?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) April 8th, 2016

Or do you perhaps use an alternative music streaming service? One thing I didn’t realise with Apple Music, until recently is that it replaces most of the functionally of Apple’s older music service “iTunes Match”. As it will actually put any music you have purchased, outside of Apple Music to your music app on your mobile device.

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I don’t mind Spotify. There are so many channels to choose from, but when I’m home, I have a Squeezebox internet radio I adore! So many possibilities. When my bestie was living here, we even tuned into channels from her homeland, Indonesia, so she could listen and share her ethnic music with us. It has a really good built in speaker, but my ex bought my son a speaker system he didn’t want, so I ‘bought’ it from him so he got the gift he really wanted, which was money toward a cell phone. Now I have a brilliant little home sound system with a remote control.

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guys, I see that you have a little more experience with the services….I recently joined spotify and made an account but I also would like to be able to listen in my car…for this I would need to transfer to a storage device that can be connected to my car. So how do I get from laptop/phone to a storage device?

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You need to save the music, convert to a supported format by the device and then transfer to mobile device. All 3 operations can be done with Audials Tunebite: Or you can directly use your phone with the spotify account in the car

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@SonnyR Well I’m using Apple Music and I’ve never had to convert anything. If I want to play music on my computer I use iTunes, On my iPhone? I turn on the music app. Its all streamed from the cloud. So I don’t even have to download it. Plus I have unlimited data, so I never have internet problems.

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