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Did you know the cortisone used in the spinal epidural is not approved by the FDA for disc problems? Has it helped your back pain?

Asked by Aster (19949points) April 9th, 2016

A very close friend of mine has arthritis from neck to ankles, mostly in her lower back. I think it’s fibro but her doctor said he “never heard of fibromyalgia.” He or another doctor recommended she submit to a few cortisone shots in her spine and never mentioned chiropractic adjustments. If you have had cortisone in your spine what has it done, good or bad, for you? Kenalog , I think it’s called, has not been approved by the FDA for this purpose (a dot gov. site says this) but, at 2K a treatment, the FDA looks the other way.

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I know two people who have had this sort of thing done. One had significant relief, the other had a very negative experience.

Drugs are administered every day off label, which basically means not approved for that use. Some medicines become a standard of care, but were never scientifically tested.

I have no opinion about whether she should try it, only information about drugs and the FDA.

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In the ‘80s I had surgery to repair a ruptured disk. The pain disappeared but returned six months later. Rather than go through a second surgery, which was recommended, I opted for an injection. I walked into the waiting room on crutches and two hours later walked out pain-free. I still have lower back problems, but never as much pain as I was suffering before the injection,

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