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What are some oven-less meals?

Asked by Anaphase (768points) July 27th, 2008

I really love cooking at home, but my oven has been broken for a few weeks and I’m getting the urge to cook. What are some tasty, completely oven-less meals? (My stove-top burners still work, just not the oven.)

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@aisyna… Surprisingly, no one in my family really likes pasta. Maybe I’ll try to persuade them into eating spaghetti sometime!

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anything rolled in a pancake! I love quesadillas. Also love fry-ups. Got a crock pot or a microwave oven?

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@rowenaz Ooohhh, I love quesadillas… We do have a microwave, but no crock-pot.

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I can hardly think of anything I do cook in the oven. Give me a pot, some ingredients, and a spoon to stir it with and I got myself a meal.

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rowenaz- I could really go for one of those quesadillas.

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You have a microwave? What do you need an oven for, besides cakes and so on?
You can make all the nice casseroley things in the nuker.

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chalupas….......just get a can of beans and some shredded (sp?)chese cut up some lettec and tamotes and there u go :)

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You know what I’m going to say. Give me a day and then go check out the blog. I’ll get some posted through the day. I have several quick and easy ones that I use during the baseball/hockey season. Heck! I use them year round.

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stir fry dishes – veggies are my favorite

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gazpacho – just chop all the fresh summer vegetables in a bowl – all raw – and chill.

Salads using cold beans, rice, etc.

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Chile I make a great one with ground turkey. Stew. Soup.

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I make a soup that’s to die for. Get a big pot (1 gallon or more). Fill that up about halfway with Yukon Gold potatoes and boil em until they float or the skin starts coming off. Drain the water and give the potatoes some time alone while you pan fry a package of bacon… WITH THE FAT removed (or go for real bacon bits if you wanna save a pan. These are moist chopped bits of bacon, not red croutons).

For a one gallon pot, add back the potatoes, bacon, and mix in 2–3 pounds of shredded cheddar cheese with milk (think of the cheese as your broth in chicken noodle soup.)

You’ll have to eyeball how much milk to add in to make the soup as thick as you prefer. Stir it often while the cheese melts so it doesn’t burn or stick. Add in some garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder… Whatever effect you’re after. Me? I use Paprika, a punch of sea salt, a punch of chili powder… And you’re done.

Yukon Gold Cheddar-Bacon Stew.

You love to cook, yes? Not everything’s done in an oven :)

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@Love; don’t toss potato milk. Use for other soups, stews or to water flowers.

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Potato milk? You mean the drainoff water from boiling the potatoes? Because, the milk is part of the soup people are supposed to eat: Not plants ;)

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Sorry. I meant potato water. Trying to multi-task…a bad idea at my age.

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Also cook any interesting complex carb in water on stovetop. Then add: steamed brocolli florets, walnut bits, dried cranberried, whatever.

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What type of foods does your family like? I posted a recipe for Cafe Chicken, Chinese Country Ribs. Both are done in a Crock Pot or long and slow on a low stove setting. So tell me more about what you like.

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Most Chinese Kitchens(I live in ChongQing), like over 90% don’t have ovens.

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If you have a crock pot you can make a million things! If not they’re not too pricey and trust me you’ll use it a lot! here are some sites.

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