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What song is this?

Asked by filmfann (47819points) April 11th, 2016

I remember an odd teenage tragedy song from the 50’s or early 60’s, where a somber, male voice says something like “will the families of those on flight 237 please come to the airport chapel”.

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Could it have been “Ebony Eyes” by the Everly Brothers? (I think so) In the same vein was “Running Bear” by Johnny Preston.

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I think @si3tech is right, although the lyrics mention flight 1203:

“On a weekend pass I wouldn’t have had time
To get home and marry that baby of mine
So I went to the chaplain and he authorized
Me to send for my ebony eyes

My ebony eyes was coming to me
From out of the skies on Flight 1203
In an hour or two I would whisper “I do”
To my beautiful ebony eyes

The plane was way overdue so I went inside to the airlines desk and I said “Sir, I
Wonder why 1203 is so late? ” He said “Aww, they probably took off late or they
May have run into some turbulent weather and had to alter their course. ” I went
Back outside and I waited at the gate and I watched the beacon light from the
Control tower as it whipped through the dark ebony skies as if it were searching for
(my ebony eyes.) And then came the announcement over the loudspeaker:
“Would those having relatives or friends on flight number 1203 please report to the
Chapel across the street at once.”

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@si3tech is correct! Many thanks!

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