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Can you run Ubuntu Linux Server under Parallels on a MacBook Pro?

Asked by richardhenry (12659points) July 28th, 2008

I get this when installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition:

Uh-oh. Any ideas?

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I believe that server support on parallels is only available in beta right now.

Ubuntu Server v8 works in Fusion though.

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I was just gonna say, VMware not only does this, but has a pre-installed appliance image ready to download. Much better than Parallels.

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exactly, fusion is netter, and guess what, cheaper too, haha

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@chaosrob: Are you sure it’s the server version, and not the desktop variety? I might have to check that out.

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@richardhenry I do believe they’re both available. I know the server is because I used one as a testbed for a web app I worked on a few weeks ago.

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@richard @chaos

Server is supported. They are third party but they are great. I use Chrysaor’s, but there are others too.

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VirtualBox is free and can run Turnkey Linux apps. Watch the video to find out how easy it is to start your own web server.

Hope this helps.

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